Having flawless skin is not having tons of makeup to cover up our face defects and skin problems but having flawless skin is when the skin is without acnes, eczema and other annoying skin problems. While growing up, we all had beautiful skin, we didn’t need to buy any skin products  (those were the good times) we were just glowing! then puberty arrived with lots of acne and blemishes (in tears) and spoilt the golden record.

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But not to worry, the solution is here!! Here are 3 homemade recipes that you can find in your kitchen that helps clear skin problems and bring back shine to the skin (how exciting!)..


  • 1 fresh tomato
  • 2tsp of honey

How to do:blend the tomato till it becomes very smooth then pour in a bowl and add the honey, then mix well and apply on the skin, let it stay for about 30mins then rinse off with warm water


  • It clears out acne and prevent future breakouts
  • Its helps fade out scars, dark blemishes and dark spots
  • slows down aging Honey-Tomato



 1 banana (actually as many as you want)

How to do: mash up the banana with your hands or blend smoothly in the blender then apply to the skin, let it stay for about 20-30minutes then rinse off with cold water.

Benefits: Moisturizes the skin and leaves it looking soft and beautiful 

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  • 2cups of oatmeal
  • 1/4cup of hot water
  • 1 egg (egg white)
  • 2tsp of honey
  • 1cup of yorghurt
  1. How to do: pour the oatmeal in a bowl and add the hot water..let it sit for about 2mins then add the eggwhite, honey and yorghurt. Mix well and apply to the skin, let it stay for 15-30minutes then rinse off with warm water

Benefits: It exfoliates the skin 


So those are the 3 homemade recipes that we can all find in our kitchens,its very effective and very affordable.. Now we can get our glowing skins back(yess).. 

Melanin popping!

Have you tried these recipes before? what were your results? please share in the comment box.

Thank you for your time.. Please share and* like* if you found this blog interesting! till next time… Take care!



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