My Favorite Hair Products and Hair Tools 2016!

Hello Lovlies,

Hair products as we all know are the food to any kind of hair wether relaxed or natural, I think without them we will all be walking around with our hair looking like sponges (smh) shoutout to companies and stores that produce them and the idealists of DIYs, y’all are the real deal #respect (salute!)

But today I’m not here to rant about my love for the production companies( nope!) I’m here to talk about my favourite hair products of all time.. Hallelujah!! my babies got me anytime! hahaha

Without wasting too much time obsessing about my products, I… will… get… right into it!


My favorite  shampoo and conditioner will be  CARING coconut and sweet almond shampoo & conditioner for dry/damaged hair. I love love these shampoo and conditioner, the smell is great and it washes and moisturizes my hair well and its affordable too


I use JOHN FRIEDA frizz ease dream curls shampoo&conditioner sometimes.. its awesome too, keeps the curls popping when I use it, but it doesn’t smell so good like my earlier products and its expensive too



my go-to deep conditioner will be my honey and olive oil mix (DIYs are the best!) I love this mask so much, I use it before shampooing my hair every week. It prevents my hair from moisture loss when shampooing.

.download (1)


This is my favorite of them all, its serves as my leave in conditioner.. It’s improves shine in the hair and its great for wash and gos ( hello! curl definition)



Ok I have to confess I love these stuffs more than food(not true) but seriously I love me my oils. I use:

  • coconut oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Argan oil

 I mix them all together though for better hair growth results (oil mix).

  • GELS:

So for my gel I love to use Eco Styler Gel, oh boy! this stuff is good, keeps my edges on fleek and its a great curls definer for twists outs.. Its just perfect 


I was formerly using African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Edges (anti- frizz conditioning gel) but i stopped because it doesn’t have 24hours maximum hold on my edges, its starts to dissolve after like 1hour ,making my edges messy and ruining my makeup( Really bad gel!) 



Seriously, this tool gives me lots of joy.. apart from helping my hair grow, it relaxes me after a long day of brain work at school. I got mine from Aliexpress at a very good price, it doesn’t hurt the pocket and it is effective too



Well.. I just decided to add this because pick combs are the major keys to big volumous afros, I always have mine in handy. 

Black Power!


Just because they are others doesn’t make them less important though.. they are as important as the products earlier mentioned… 

They are my:

  • Bun makers,
  • Combs (which i rarely use, finger detangling is the key)
  • Bands(not RUBBER BANDS, never use those please!!)
  • Bobby pins #majorkey
  • Clips (makes my styling easier after wash day)

These are my favorite hair products and hair tools for 2016 and they have helped my hair tremendously! What are your favorite hair products and tools?? Please let me know in the comment box, there’s love in sharing (smiley)

Thanks for reading (i really appreciate your time)…. till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself! 

Take care.

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