Hello lovlies,

First of all Happy sunday to you beautiful people, y’all are blessed! 

this is my hair after washing (wash day).. dem curls praising the lord!!
Anyways that was just me admiring my hair lol, but today’s blog is not about my wash day rountine (not yet) It’s about quick and easy hairstyles we all can rock fabulously everyday.. It takes lliterally like 10mins or less to do and you are out the door to start your day, without any further delay.. I.. will… get… into it.


This hairstyle is very very easy, all you need is:

  •  your hair (ofcourse) and
  • a band of your choice.

you just put your favorite conditioner and your favorite oil in your hair nicely then add some styling gel on those edges (edges must be on fleek), then put a band on the top of your hair and drag it backwards a bit and you are done (ready to go conquer the world!)



This style can be tricky but trust me it is very easy. You start with fairly stretched hair, as usual put your favorite conditioner and oil.. divide the hair in two horizontal parts (front and back) the frontal part should be smaller than the back part…. pull the back part into a bun and the frontal part should be left as the bang and you are done! ready to start your day (quite simple don’t you think?)




Just as the name is.. the hairstyle is half up,half down and also super easy… All you need is:

A bun maker

As usual put your favorite conditioner and oil in your hair then divide horizontally into two parts, tie away the down part so as not to get in the way of the top part. Pull the top part into a perfect bun with your bun maker (but if your hair is pretty long you won’t be needing the bun maker though)and never forget to put your edge control (fleekiness) then release the down part and add a little bit of volume with your pick comb and you are done! ready to start your day. 08531e3e1a65dede0d777fd61e14e423


Just like the earlier style one is up the other is down, but this time it isn’t one bun.. there are gonna be two buns and you don’t need a bun maker for this style.. just wrap your beautiful hair into a bun and don’t forget to fulf the down part with your pick comb to add volume



So my last hairstyle idea is just to let your hair fro!! (yesss queen), just put your favourite conditioner, favorite oil and your shea butter mix in your hair then add some volume to your hair with your pick comb and NEVER forget your edge control.. shake your curls and you are great to go!


When i dyed my hair Red!

So these are my ideas for hairstyles to rock everyday,they are simple and fast.. what do you think of these hairsyles? do you know others that i missed out? please leave your comments and wonderful ideas in the comment box.

Thank you for your time I really appreciate, please like and share if you found this blog interesting, till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself.

Have a fabulous sunday!

Take Care!

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