Hello lovlies,
So I’ve been hoping to write this blog for sometime now but I guess I didn’t gather much courage (chickened out😩) but today I have the courage,ability and mind to do this (so determined 😄).
My natural hair journey story/experience in a bit 🙌


Since when I was a little girl I’ve had natural coily beautiful hair, never got a perm since when I was a kid😄 Sometimes I wish I knew what I know now about natural hair care and how to embrace your hair more :'(:'(
Unfortunately, I didnt and oh boy! That wasn’t good, that little girl (me) started growing (beautiful and intelligent ) but there was just one problem! She hated her natural hair, mehn! The struggle was real!
Almost all the kids had their hair permed and I didn’t wanna be different, I wanted slick relaxed hair which I could never get because my parents wouldn’t hear of it.
1. Anytime I braided my hair in cornrows then(hairstyles were always called in school) It always came out rough and the ends coily,
2. hairdressers cheated me charging me more and blaming my innocent hair for their crime 😩😩 ( those women need christ!),
3. when I packed my hair up it always looked like a big mushroom on top my hair,
4. always so tangled and painful when dry ( always washing and literally just goin, no product, except pomade😑)…
I just wanted to be free! And have thin ends like the other girls but I couldn’t.
Always so angry I couldn’t get what I wanted, I ended up always cutting my hair so no one will be able to see my “ugly” hair again
My mother though (love her so much) then will always bribe me with hair ribbons, promising to get me a lot if I braided my hair again, well.. Don’t blame me! I was a kid and I loved and still love ribbons so I will start growing my hair again but cut it again just because I just couldn’t bring myself to love my hair.. I just wanted my “virgin” hair gone. (Cut my hair so many times, can’t even count)
Fast forward to 2014😆 I started growing my hair again (yass) but this time I always had it in a protective style (braid, braids and more braids.. love braids so much) but I didnt know it was a protective style.. To me then it was a style that will always keep my hair hidden (it grew my hair so much though, but damaged my edges… thanks braids!) I loved my box braids too much to consider a weave..


Then I found the joy (or horror? ) of a hair straightener, like there was something I could use to straighten my hair without using perms.. I was so excited (straightened twice.. thank God for no heat damage 😥😥)
Fast forward to November/December 2015 (haaa, the time the lord finally opened my eyes) I was extremely broke, didnt have money to fix my hair and I had an event coming up I had to attend (I was like “why me”) and the date was drawing dangerously close, So i was like “ok if i can’t get this fixed atleast i can make it presentable”
So I went online (thank God for internet) and started searching for natural hairstyles,saw a lot and decided to try one, (a twist out ) and I was like wow this is nice..
Then I started reading more and watching more natural hair videos.. I was intrigued by the way natural hair could be so beautiful, I started buying products after products (product junkiness😆)I just suddenly became obsessed with my hair for the first time ever:'(😆
After a while, I got bored of my black hair.. I was like “lets find me a popping color” I decided to dye my hair red


Received lots of compliments and I was beginning to love my hair for the first time.. Decided to go on a protective style in January this year … after 2weeks I was already missing my curls I took out my braids (just 2weeks old😤) and flaunted my curls again
The red started to fade, so I wanted my black hair again 😆


Dyed it black again but this time with some highlights  (beautiful)
Right now I am so in love with my hair that I ask myself why didn’t I see the beauty of natural hair before.. I haven’t braided my hair for a while now just can’t stop loving my hair It brings me so much joy but knowing I had this bundle of joy for like ever and I never recognized it makes me roll my eyes at myself..
So I promised myself that if I ever have a daughter, I will help her see the beauty and importance of natural hair because I wouldn’t want my kid to dislike her hair just like her mom did when she was young


And that was my natural hair journey story (the journey continues still😆)
Thanks for your time, like and share if you found this blog interesting.. Till next time always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself 💋💋

Take Care!




  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I love it. Especially when you had that eye opening moment that your hair is beautiful on its own and the wonderful and different things that you can do to it while keeping it healthy. Natural is beautiful. #naturalhairpride


    1. Thank you so much.. I appreciate your kind words.. I thank the almighty everyday for making me understand what I was missing😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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