Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between 2 or more people.

Now who is a friend?
I think a friend is a person you are close to and can share whatever with  (well.. according to me though😆)
It’s so hard to get a good friend nowadays because 90% of “so called” friends are fake:evil:, they are either with you because of your money or some other stupid reason… I’m like 😩 (God help me!)  This is why I don’t like BFFs or besties (trust no one😆 I’m kidding).

Having friends is awesome but how to identify the good from the bad😆 is the main point here.
Here are some great qualities a real friend should posess:

1. No matter the situation or the deed done.. A real friend is NEVER judgemental, so if that friend judges you all the time on issues (Runn🏃)

2. A real friend is always there for you, in good times and also in bad times (offering you a shoulder to cry on.. Long live real friends🙌)

3. A real friend is always trustworthy, your secrets, fears and dreams are absolutely safe with that friend.

4. A real friend is a good listener, even if you are babbling about some irrelevant things, he/she will be attentively listening and laughing at your boring jokes😥 (what we do for friends😥)

5. A real friend won’t raise rumours about you and say bullshit behind your back

6. A real friend defends you all the time and stands up for you when others are spreading rumors about you or just saying nonsense.

7. A real friend advices you on matters, wether is choosing a dress when shopping or life advice  (why are we friends, if we can’t advice each other?)

8. A real friends knows everything about you, from your favorite color to your past relationships 😆

9. A real friend cheers you up when you are down and encourages you when you are feeling hopeless, miserable and suicidal

10. A real friend is forgiving and loves you always, no matter what you do to them or the situation.


A friend with all these qualities is a keeper🙋 ( I’m sorry I can’t share my friend with you, yess I’m posessive like that😆)

Thank you for your time.. I appreciate, please like and share if you liked this blog.

Take Care!


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