I like to think I have a very interesting life😆 even though it’s not entirely true😐…
This is about my every day life and activity, it starts in a bit…


♡ Starting from my mornings, I always wake up randomly in the early hours of the morning to text and check social media  (lol.. I’m weird like that) then I sleep again till 7 o’clock (p.s I never wake up to the sound of my alarm😆😆)

♡ When I’m up fully I tend to check socia media  (Again!😆) before going to have my bath

♡ I always have morning classes from mondays all through to thursdays😥😥, so after my brief instagram craze😆 I rush to the bathroom to shower

♡ After my shower, I put on my makeup (sometimes I don’t have time for that😆), make my hair nice and off to school I go🏃🏃

♡ I get in the bus, and its time to text my boyfriend “good morning sleepyhead ” (well.. not all the time😆 but I try) I’m always on my earphones on my way to school (getting me prepared for the day lol)

♡ My classes last 6 hours approximately 😥 (tiring, I knoww), always in class like :'(:'(

♡ After school, my girlfriends and I walk to the busstop together or sometimes we decide to go to mcdonalds or dominoes pizza😂😂 (yesss food)

♡ I get back home (at last💃), do my assignments and readings for the next day and find something to eat (I don’t joke with my stomach o😂)

♡ Then I’m on my phone….. Again ( I like to believe I’m always on my phone)

♡ When it’s time for bed I pull my hair up into a pineapple🍍🍍, put on my scarf and jump on my bed (sleep time!!)

It’s goes on and on throughout the week😥, then it’s finally the weekend (yiippeee)
● I get to sleep till anytime I want (hahaha.. how I love the comfort of my bed)
Then I hang out with my friends, we could go to the mall and chill or sometimes I’m too lazy to go out I sit on my bed all day blogging or doing nothing (thinking about my life maybe😆) or skyping with my bae💻

● Then on sunday (the day of the lord🙏) I go to church, I love going to church every sunday It helps me start my week right👍

And then It’s monday again😤😤 (I hate mondays)


And the cycle continues till summer vacation which I can’t wait to come around!


But for now, I’m contented with going to school and acquiring some knowledge:)

Thanks for reading about my not so fun life😆..  Don’t forget to like, share and comment😚 Love y’all.. Happy Sunday! Stay blessed!

Take Care!




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