Hello lovlies,

A big Good morning to y’all, its a wonderful tuesday morning (good weather and pleasant feelings💆) and right now I’m stuck in the lecture hall (bored😐)
So it seems like a good time to write about random stuffs y’all don’t know about Esther😆😆


1. My full names are (be ready👌) Oluwabusolami Esther Modupe Alaba Adekoya.. (yes, it’s that long #nigerian)

2. I’m the last child of three children in my family (yess.. overpampered too😆)

3. I’m from shagamu, ogun state

4. I study in Ukraine

5. I’m nineteen years old

6. I’m used to be scared of the dark and sometimes I still get scared of the dark:(

7. I’m a shy person (introvert) and don’t really interact with people😐

8. I don’t like embarassments, especially in public (ouch.. no no)

9. I don’t like cold

10. I don’t really like cooking😥 but love eating (how is this even possible😩)

11. I have crazy mood swings sometimes and ignore everyone around me (annoying!)

12. I don’t like rude irritating individuals

13. I can’t handle heartbreaks

14. I tend to say “I’m sorry” all the time even if I’m not at fault😆

15. I don’t know how to start a youtube channel😆😩

16. I love to take mirror selfies all the time (guilty😆)

17. I can wear two shirts for an entire school week.. I don’t care😆

18. I hate back packs (school bags), too stressful.. Love me my handbags👜

19. I love high heels but most of the time I’m super lazy to wear them👢

20. I love to eat pizza especially dominoes pizza 🍕

21. I don’t like slim, skinny guys 😥

22. I tend to have silly imaginations after watching scary movies and documentaries 😟

23. I love to buy hair products all the time, even when my present ones are not finished😩 (product junkie?)

24. Anytime I miss a sunday service, I feel bad for the rest of the day

25. I’ve had serious depression issues in the past and sometimes still slip into depression 😥

26. I love a lot.. so much love to give💙

27. I’m really friendly:) and annoying sometimes

28. I have the best boyfriend in the world😆

29. I love my parents and siblings so much

30. I smile a lot

31. I love myself so much💙💙💙

I hope y’all enjoyed reading those random details about me..
Thank you for your time, don’t forget to like, share and comment.. till next time💙

Take Care!




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