The image above is the perfect description of me, as long as I have my laptop/phone and credit card😆.. its “hello shopping”👚👜👢

Online shopping sometimes is the best way to save money (yess.. I said it), it might take weeks or month (ohhh, the waiting period😥) but still it comes, instead of me going to a shop in the mall to buy a pair of shoe for an expensive price.. I will buy it online for a lesser amount😆 (so economical😆)


My favorite online shop, infact my only online shop is (even have the app on my phone😸), for various reasons though:

● Everything I order gets to me😆
● The stuffs are affordable (like duhhh.. I’m a student, can’t be frugal:))
● Free shipping😆 and so many other reasons I can’t think of now😅
I feel like sometimes I go online to shop when I’m bored or really angry and also don’t wanna go out because no one wanna hang out with me:'(
I have not ordered on any other online store mainly because:
● I don’t know if the sellers ship to my location
● Shipping cost more than the stuff purchased  e.g I see a nice bag “oh.. how beautiful:)” it costs like 12usd “oh I’m getting this”.. I check the shipping cost and its 79usd😮😮😮😮 “haaaaaaaa.. no wayyy🙅🙅😆)

And sometimes I might need a particular item desperately and the stores around wouldn’t have it but my online shop never disappoints, I will wait for a while but I always get it💜.
If my stuff doesn’t come? Well.. oohhkay I will request my money back and I get it (this doesn’t happen to me, happened once.. seller sent one instead of two.. stupid!!😆)

Right now the workers at the delivery section of the post office knows me well (they don’t even ask for my passport again😂😂).. Still have some items waiting to be collected though.. I’m sure this time around they won’t even ask of my name😆 (they will be like “you again??” Na wa oo😪)
I am not addicted though lol.. I always know when to stop (apparently that is when I’m low on cash😂)
Thanks for reading about my little obsession😆.. do like and comment💖💖💋

Take Care!




    1. Actually it depends on the store you shop with, some stores on there have good quality items and some are just bad and some are frudulent.. if you really wanna shop on ali I will advice you to check ratings and people’s feedbacks on any item you wanna buy.. 💖💖👌👌👌


      1. Actually I don’t know about that because I always pay with my card, I have never tried any other payment method but you can ask the seller if he accepts western union or not.. if he does you can try it but i really don’t know of its good or not😢


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