Hello Lovlies,

Happy weekend y’all…
So I’m finally writing about my washday rountine🙌🙌, I wanted to write this yesterday but sleep wouldn’t let me lol..
I also promised you guys a feedback from my avocado mix (don’t worry I remember) I will be writing about it all step by step today, so please stay with me:):).

I was on this cornrow style for a week

My sexy (not so sexy😥) cornrows:) (braided by me) became so rough I couldn’t deal anymore, had to take it off


And it was time to wash this beautiful baby:)

1. Pre-poo:
I always pre poo for like 2hours before shampooing my hair.. I use a combination of my olive oil,honey and any conditioner for this purpose


I mix well and apply, then cover my hair with a nylon bag or plastic bag ( however you wanna address it 😆)


2. Shampooing:
After two hours approximately I rinse out the mixture from my hair and its time to wash my hair, I never co-wash, don’t really like it.. I love to shampoo my hair all the time.. My hair and I love this😆..
So I shampoo my hair with my Caring coconut and sweet almond shampoo and my scalp massager (this is easy for me,too lazy to use my fingers😆)  sometimes I use my hands but most times I use my scalp massager (it works just fine) and it leaves my hair clean


I shampoo my hair twice (always)

3. Drying:
I damp my hair with my old t-shirt and then its time to deep condition.

4. Deep conditioning:
I was always using olive oil and honey to deep condition but along the line I read about a recipe for avocado and banana deep conditioner and I think I’m keeping this recipe forever 😆😆
Y’all know I promised an update on the hair mask, so here is it guys:)
I already prepared the mixture like a week before and it was in the fridge chilling.. If you haven’t read about how I mixed it.. you can read it here
Starting with my freshly


cleansed hair

I divided my hair into 4 sections and started applying the hair mask/deep conditioner



It was petty disgusting though lol, with pieces of avocado everywhere (because I was too lazy to sieve it😆) but I didn’t care, the result mattered more to me than the process:)
And omg!
I haven’t even washed it out oo I was already seeing results:):)
♡ It defined my curls awesomely, I finally know my hair type seriously ( its funny but true I never really paid attention to my hair type😥)

After applying it, I covered my hair with nylon bag and let it sit for one hour


After one hour I rinsed it out and this is the interesting part
♡ My God! Curls were just popping from all directions lol.. oh oh and thanks to this mix I finally know my hair type is 4a-4b
♡ My hair was super soft
♡ stretched my hair and my hair was very bouncy seriously
♡ Even till now my hair is still bouncy and soft (3days later:)) please y’all need to try this mix its a keeper for life
I was like “I think I will be deep conditioning every two weeks” but after trying this mix I think I will endeavour to deep condition weekly😆





The pieces of avocado was still sticking to hair *rolling my eyes* but I didn’t care
I absolutely love this mix and hope everyone tries it.. It is fantastic

5. Leave in conditioner:
After my awesome, amazing deep conditioning session lol.. It time for me to put


in my leave in conditioner which is my Caring coconut and sweet almond conditioner
I mix my castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil into my leave in conditioner.. well to give more moisture to my hair😆 and I will never have an excuse not to use my castor oil

6. Butter and Essential oils:
This step is basically me applying my whippped shea butter and my oil mix onto my scalp and hair ends.. hmmm my oil mix consist of:
♡ olive oil, grapeseed oil, JBCO, argan oil and my favorite…. coconut oil💙 oh oh.. I add a little bit of honey too (I think I just like the idea of honey in my oil mix😆)
And my whipped shea butter consist of:
♡ honey and my above ☝mentioned essential oils.. you can read the tutorial Here


I perform a hot oil treatment sometimes too

So I really don’t have a reason not to use my essential oils, I mix them in everything😆😆

After like five hours of carefully washing my hair, I braid it or twist it and put on my silk scarf or satin bonnet and get ready for bed..
I always wash my hair in the evening because I spend so much time caring for my hair (anytime I tell my friends I spend like 5 hours, they are always like “haaaa for what naa??”😆😆😆 just for this your hair??😆 In my mind I’m like “do you think it’s easy to have beautiful hair😆)

Oh oh.. and Never put your wet hair in a ponytail or pineapple after washday and go to bed you are gonna wake up with tangled hair in my opinion (it might work for some people though), it good to twist or braid before bed, it works perfectly for me though 20160223_224415.jpg


I don’t retwist every night (no way) I love my pineappple😆🍍

And that completes my wash day rountine, I will be writing on how I acheive my braid outs (I used to twist but I just realised braid outs are better) after wash day.. so please keep up with me..:)
Thank you so much for reading.. I appreciate, till next time always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💙💙

I love y’all👄

Take Care!



  1. Uche

    Wow thanks alot for this.I might not be consistent for now buh trust me everytime I come here am always excited about my hair and how lovely it will become soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kurlycurls

      Awww thank you very much.. Im glad to read this😊😊😊


  2. kerdishastlouis

    Such long processes we naturalistas go though but great results❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kurlycurls

      You are so right.. omg! The struggle😆😆…. Thanks boo 👄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow!
    Your hair though.
    Looks more wavey than kinky curly. I can imagine the process. Planning on doing mine on Monday 😉☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kurlycurls

      Awww thank you😘😘😘.. I wish you a wonderful wash day😉😉

      Liked by 1 person

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