Happy weekend my lovlies,

Today I bring to you some great benefits of drinking water.
Water is great for our health, some of the awesome benefits of drinking water are:

♡ It prevents constipation:
Constipation is a condition whereby a person has hardened faeces (poop) and is unable to empty his bowels..
Drinking water enables easy bowel movement (without crying and sweating in the toilet😆)

♡ It aids digestion:
Drinking water before and after meals helps us digest the food well

♡ Helps with hair growth:
Ladies this is for us and some gentlemen😆.. Hair growth starts from the inside, so its good to drink lots of water to enable hair growth (but not too much please✋)

♡ Aids kidney function:
Drinking water can prevent kidney stones and aid the kidney function properly

♡ It helps maintain body fluids:
The functions of these body fluids are digestion, maintenance of temperature, transportation of nutrients and others

♡ Water prevents dehydration

♡ Water can help control calories:
Drinking water helps with weight loss and loss of unnecessary calories

♡ Water aids in achieving clearer and glowing skin:
Water flushes out the toxins that clogs the pores of the skin and can reduce the risks of getting pimples..

♡ Water helps keep a person refreshed and alert

♡ Hangover help:
The morning after a rather rowdy party night and you have that crazy hangover, water can help you recover quick and calmly ( Never drink too much though, bad for your sanity and health:))

I hope y’all have a reason to drink water daily and regularly now (I’m guilty of preferring juices and soft drinks over water😆😆 but I still endeavour to drink me some water👍👍)
Drink water and stay healthy!💟
Have a Lovely weekend..

Take Care!



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