It’s that time of the year when trees come alive and sunflowers bloom🌻, the most beautiful season of the year… Spring!!


Spring is the season of “rainy days”,  three months of unpredictable rain or should I say predictable?😆i
Spring is indeed very beautiful… even though summer is my favorite season/weather in the year😆😆.. I still hold a soft spot for spring:)

♡ Once again, the trees will be clothed with leaves
♡ This is the month to cultivate for bountiful harvest (lots of food  for the next three month😆😆)
♡ And soon spring break! How lovely..
♡ Sunflowers growing everywhere possible, they never annoy me because they are so lovely:)


♡ Spring is the gateway into my summer goodness (open the gates!🚪)

♡ Now I don’t have to wear my big uncomfortable winter jacket and furry shoes again (hmmm I think I will sometimes😆)
Oh oh, and not to forget the nasty bugs that come out at spring time (aarrghh:evil:)


But overall Spring is a great season and its a great time to get of the house often (I didn’t  even wanna go to school in winter😥😥but I did though😥) and do fun stuffs!!


Spring my darling, please be good to me and I will be good to you..
WELCOME TO SPRING! (The season of rainy days ☔🌂 and beautiful rainbows 🌈)

Thanks for reading💕



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