Hello lovlies,

So yesterday, I was on youtube watching some Hair videos (I think all naturals are guilty of this:):)), when I stumbled on a video by Tiajanay about her washday rountine and how she washes her hair in twists:)
Watching that vlogger enlightened me further and I decided to write about this post…

Washing your hair in twists can be the best way to avoid annoying tangles, infact performing all your washday rountine in twist can save you time and energy detangling later

Please enjoy this video by Tiajanay, with the details (by the way, her hair is amazing😍😍)

Have a nice weekend honey bunnies, till next time always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💕

Take Care!



  1. We all want longer hair but it equals longer washing hours. I wash my hair in twists or else I would spend forever detangling 🙂
    The Hairpisodes Naija

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    1. kurlycurls

      Glad to know dear 💖💖

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  2. Awesome! I needed that. My hair started to tangle so that’s how I know it grew and got thicker lol (I think?)

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    1. kurlycurls

      I know right.. i think when our hair is getting longer it becomes more difficult to manage😊 (the struggle).. this method I’m very sure it will work.. Imma try it too asap😆😆

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