Hello my honey bunnies, I’m sorry I have been Mia lately, I have been very busy but not to worry I’m here now:)


So Living alone as a college student or a working individual can be fun and lonely too, some people may be thinking “I don’t know if I should  live alone or nah?” Well you don’t need to think any further, here are some pros and cons of living alone in an apartment, a college dorm or anywhere just you alone…


☆ You can do absolutely anything you want without seeking permission from a flatmate and without consequences
For example: play loud music in the middle of the night or walk around the house naked😂

☆ You don’t have to worry about someone eating your favorite sandwich in the fridge or drinking your freshly squeezed juice or taking your stuff without permission.
The apartment is all yours.

☆ You can invite whoever you want over at anytime without worrying about some else’s opinion.. e.g: you wanna have a girl’s night with your girlfriends, go ahead

☆ You don’t have to worry about your flatmate having loud sex in the other room when you are trying to sleep (hecks no✋)

☆ You get to have lots of alone time to think and meditate about your goals, plans and your life in general

☆ Decorating your apartment however you want without having to worry about anyone’s opinion

☆ Undivided privacy


♤ The entire bill and expenses is on you (electric, light, internet etc), there will be no one to split these expenses with

♤ You will feel really lonely sometimes

♤ There are those scary moments where, every sound you hear makes you jump and your heart beat faster (especially in the night or anytime of the day:))

♤ Your apartment won’t be miraculously cleaned unless you do it:)


We all have to live alone at some point in our lives (don’t you think?:)), please let me know your thoughts about living alone.. Yea or nah?

Thanks for reading y’all.. have a pleasant friday and a great weekend ahead💖💖

Take Care!



  1. soulpaletteblog

    Great post! All very true 🙂


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    1. kurlycurls

      Ikr😊 thanks for reading 😍

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