Helloo my beautiful lovlies,

Welcome back to my blog y’all, hope y’all had a wonderful wonderful easter celebration🙌🙌✌

So quick update; I wanna start a protective style challenge (hurray)!!!
And I want to share with you guys, why I’m doing this, how long and so on..
Happy reading💖💖


So right now I’m 1year and 5months natural✌✌, I will be 2 years natural by October (really don’t know the date anymore) and I’m hoping to achieve armpit length by that time.. I really want to celebrate my 2years hairniversary with some unbelievable growth lol #lengthgoals

Right now I’m on two strand mini twists and will be taking it down for braids soon
So guys this challenge starts now and will end by June 30th.. Just 3months simply because I really don’t like protective styles but I really wanna achieve my goals😂😂

Starts:                Ends:
March 28th – June 30th👌

I’m putting up this challenge because I wanna stay motivated and don’t wanna chicken out soon😂, to update y’all about my hair and to present this challenge to any of you beauties that will like to participate with me on this😂

Before I forget… Rules of the challenge:

Our hair must be in a protective style, any protective style (ofcourse)✌
Don’t abandon your hair, moisturize daily with your spritz bottle  (in general..water👌👌 #majorkey)
♡ If you take down any protective style, wash and deep condition before fixing the next
♡ Sleep with your silk/ satin scarf or bonnet
♡ Do not use heat!!!
♡ Take a picture before the challenge and after the challenge to see your progress #veryimportant

Please feel free to participate lovlies, it’s not just for me alone..
I will be updating y’all on the styles I will be doing and how I will do them, so please stay with me💙
Happy Healthy Hair Journey!!!.. Till next time always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💓💓

Take Care!



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