Heyyy waduuupp guysss👍👍👍👍..

It feels so refreshing to blog again after such a long time:'(. I’m soooo sorry for not writing in a long while, I have been busy with school works and so many other personal matters in my life (I hope y’all understand), and I kinda just forgot about my blog but not to worry:mrgreen:.. I will be more consistent now (I pledge💕)
I sincerely hope y’all have been doing great thoo, aargh I’ve missed you!:):)

Before I get too emotional, lemme get straight to my updates #Yolo :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Update #1: This is all about my protective style challenge y’all #happydanceee , I’m sure y’all remember the protective style challenge I put up last month.. If you don’t know about it.. Pleeeasee check it out Here💖
I did take down my mini twists and now I’m rocking this yarn twists I did myself (again) and I can’t seem to get enough of it



Its not so neat but it gets the job done👍.. I absolutely love it!

Update #2: I changed my conditioner… Hmmm I know, I know I said my previous one was great but I have been reading some awesome reviews on Pantene (Yass pantene)
So I decided to try it and I fell in love! Its really nice


Last Update: I made major changes to my washday rountine (yass I did)
Now I wash my hair with shampoo once every 2weeks instead of every week and co-wash In between
Yes yes.. I know I said i don’t and won’t co-wash my hair but You gotta try something before you conclude right?😁
And I realise I spend wayyy too much time on my hair during wash days, so I kinda reduce the time I allocate to each section of my hair care and its working really well for me!

And thatsss it for my hair updates and life updates lol..
Thank you sooo much for sticking with me and for reading!
I love you soooo much!
Till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💟💟
Happy Sunday!
You can keep up with me on my social medias:
Instagram: kurlycurls_
Snapchat: pinkybussy 💋💋

Take Care!


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