Hii lovlies…

Been quite a while since I wrote a post here:'(:'(,Been so determined to write this post since morning and right now I’m dosing and typing😴 (tales of a sleepy child):):)
Back to my hair update.. *clears throat*, I have broken a few rules since I started this challenge *begs for forgiveness* but my head is still in the game y’all✌
So I took off my yarn twist and decided to go for a new one 💖💖💖
I decided to do crochet braids:):).. To be honest, I have never done this style before but I have read so many great articles about this style  (natural hair bloggers✌✌✌)
I braided it earlier today and I’m loving it so far peeps..
I used 2packs of Rich Braids (Big) extensions.. The hair stylist actually told me 4packs at first but we ended up using just 2packs and seriously It is really full and beautiful..
Gonna have this hair for 2months, I think by then the challenge will be over, I might extend it for another 3months maybe(still thinking:)) because I’m loving some protective styles lately and I will love to make them!
But for the main time, this is my update and stuff..



I love y’all💟
Till next time always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💙

Take Care!


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