So probably you are planning on bleaching your hair or just coloring it) and you don’t know how to go over it or even what to do.. Don’t worry I gotchu))

Here are some basic informations, steps, tips, and other useful informations to this process.. Enjoy!

So basically, bleaching is the process of chemically changing your hair color to a lighter shade (blonde) and this process also is quite hard on your hair because it removes all moisture from your hair and leaves it dry, so you need to know the after-care of the bleaching process.

Coloring or dyeing, is basically changing your hair color to a darker or lighter shade, so here is the catch)) there are 2processes of coloring our hair.. we have the single and double process)

The single process is done when you are dyeing your hair to a darker shade (basically black), then you don’t need to bleach the hair first, just add the color and all is well….. While the double process is done when changing your hair color to a lighter shade, so bleach first and dye. So if you wanna change your hair color to maybe purple,red,pink, blue or any other color except black, you might have to bleach first:'(

Here are ways to prep your hair before  bleaching;

  • Stop/reduce the use of heating tool the week before bleaching
  • Don’t wash your hair before bleaching;

It’s best to bleach your hair when it is oily and dirty but you can wash your hair 3-5days before the process just with shampoo but do not wash on the day of the process. It is not advisable and it might cause itchy scalp

  • Buy good after care products to restore moisture back in your hair
  • Apply bleach on dry hair;

This is because the bleach distributes better on dry hair

Note: Always read and follow the time limits on your bleach pack.. very important

Here are some ways to care for your hair after bleaching:

  • Deep condition! Deep condition! Deep condition!!! Always deep condition to bring back the lost moisture and to avoid hair damage
  • Apply oil to your hair daily
  • Apply a hair mask once or twice a week
  • Be super gentle with your hair at this point

Pic: google

At this point, you can leave your hair sexy blonde or add a new color with the help of a hair dye… The steps are quite straight forward at this stage👍👍


Note: It is also good to apply hair dye on dry hair but either ways (dry or wet) works this time


  • Don’t wash your hair too often so as not to fade the color quickly thereby requiring you to touch up too often
  • Also please read and follow the time limits on the dye pack for better results.. You don’t need to leave it on for 2hours lol
  • Dye trick: When you wanna apply your hair dye, always apply Vaseline on your face, ears or anywhere the dye could touch, so it will be easy to wipe off when you are done
  • Also put old newspapers on the floor, toilet sinks etc or anywhere the dye can get into to avoid getting annoying dye-stains around your house.

And also color treated hair tend to get dry easily and fast, so take extra care of your beautiful hair and I hope you enjoy your new hair color!!

If you think I left some important info out.. please tell me in the comment box👇 Also don’t forget to like and share!

Till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💚💛💜💙

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