Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the pantene aqua light shampoo and conditioner.. So let’s get started…..

Aqua Light Pantene Shampoo:

This shampoo is a light-weight silicone and paraben free shampoo, I acquired this product for 65grivin (2.63$/ 960naira) at a beauty supply store.


  • It is super affordable and easy to get at beauty and drug stores
  • It is true to its description, it doesn’t weigh down the hair at all.. leaves the hair bouncy and clean
  • It does not leave the hair dry and frizzy
  • It has a nice smell 🙂 I really love when my shampoo smells juicy lol 
  • It lathers very well


The only con this product has will only matter to naturalistas that like sulfate-free products because It is not sulfate free. 

When I got it at first and realised it had sulfate I was a little bit down and disappointed but when I tried the product, it was really good and cleansing  and that “ish” didn’t matter to me anymore.

Aqua Light Pantene Conditioner:

This conditioner is also light-weight, I actually use it as my leave in conditioner instead of a normal rinse out conditioner lol. I acquired the small bottle for 30grivin (1.21$/450naira) but the big bottle is about the same price as the shampoo


  • It doesn’t weigh down the hair, just like the description says
  • It conditions the hair nicely, leaves my hair very moisturized, shiny and bouncy
  • Doesn’t dry out the hair
  • It smells awesome, really juicy smell lol


It has no cons 🙂

These products are really good and are staple products for me.. I will definitely repurchase over and over again lol.. My hair absolutely love these products!

If you want a moisturizing and lightweight shampoo (without minding the sulfate) and conditioner, these might be the products for you 🙂

Till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself 🙉



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