I’m so excited about this post!! I got nominated by smalleewrites for the Blogger’s recognition award!! Really I wasn’t expecting this award and I am super grateful for this wonderful platform of recognition..

The rules of this award are:

  • Write a post to show  the award
  • Acknowledge the blogger who got you nominated!
  • Give a brief story about how you started blogging
  • Give 10 random facts about yourself
  • Give 5pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate 15 deserving bloggers

Rule 1:

I already fulfilled rule no.1 by writing on this post.

Rule 2:

I will like to say a BIG thank you to Dolapo of for nominating me again for another award and for your beautiful description of me. I’m really really grateful sweetie, I appreciate you alot. Thank you!

Ladies and gentlemen please visit her blog, she writes beautiful poems:) 🙂

Rule 3:

I started blogging 7 months ago, I just developed a new found love for my curly hair then and I was experiencing with different products, getting to know my hair more, getting to know how to care for my hair better and so many other fun discoveries and I didn’t want to experience all that wonder alone lol.. I wanted to share this new found obsession:) with a lot of people and also enlighten my naturalistas that have no idea on how to care for their natural hair or how natural hair works or what product to use and all those jazz, I wanted to write about natural hair from my perception and to encourage my fellow naturalistas that natural hair can be beautiful and fun too.. Also I wanted to write about relationships, beauty and other stuffs I thought would be very useful and interesting to the universe lol:) 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad I started my blog!

Rule 4:

  • I’m an indoor all day kind of person
  • I love listening to music, helps me relax lol
  • I love tall guys:)
  • I don’t know how to keep a conversation going but I try always #awkwardsilence 😂
  • I loved romance novels when I was younger but I now I find them very boring 😂
  • I have a selfie stick but I never use it (does this count lmao)
  • I hate been broke
  • I hate sweating but I always sweating:(
  • I love my phone but only with internet connection please 😂😂 (I didn’t buy the phone to recieve calls and recieve sms only biko 😂)
  • I am a very friendly but not all the time😈

Rule 5:

  • JUST DO IT:  Don’t be scared about starting your blog or worry about if people will read it or not.. No!! Abandon those discouraging thoughts and just take the bold step to start, write something and I promise you will get traffic really soon.
  • CONSISTENCY: post as often as you can.. Regular posts attract people to stick with your articles… Don’t abandon your blog for a year or so, then later come back to blogging. You might lose a lot of readers.
  • PUBLISH INTERESTING BUT DETAILED POSTS: Don’t be so serious with your articles.. Make your posts conversational, crack a few jokes here and there, connect with your readers and at the same time deliver quality and detailed articles to your readers… Not so serious but you drove your point home ( I hope you understand) #balance
  • BE ORIGINAL: Don’t copy and paste from the internet oo lol.. Just write from your point of view, write your opinion on the topic.. Let your blog reflect YOU! in all words.. No matter how short or “not so making sense” it might be.
  • CONNECT TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIAS: After writing that beautiful piece of yours, you might want to share it with your facebook friends, instagram followers, twitter, tumblr or any social media platform you might on.. Put a link to your blog on instagram, share your blog link to all your family and friends on whatsapp, viber etc, this will bring more visitors to your blog.

Also don’t forget to pester your friends and family to visit your blog, I did this when I started my blog.. serious disturbance oo. They got tired of me!!😂😂😂

Rule 6:


Thanks beautiful people for reading!!! Till next time……..

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