Period is a natural occurrence that every female go through every month for 3-5days. Having your period is nothing to be ashamed of or disgusted about.. Its normal👍

It’s a great time to enjoy yourself, put your feet up and eat all the snacks you want😂… Actually, No! These are the painful days:) when you feel all kind of emotions at once (happy, sad, angry, sad again it’s confusing😂), honestly this is the time you feel like shit all day for no reason😂

But not to worry, here are 17 hacks to make your period days less painful and more fun:)

  1.  Have a period calender then you can know when your period is coming, so you won’t be caught unawares and you can prepare ahead for the rainy days:)☔
  2. Don’t eat goodies that contain too much sugar a week before your period and on your period days to avoid truckload of cramps instead eat lots of fruits and vegetables  (Eat healthy)
  3. Always put atleast one pad or tampon in all your bags wether you are on your period or not ( you’d never know where you might be when it visits):)
  4. Change your pad or tampon at least twice a day to avoid period stains ( they are not pretty, trust me:))
  5. Have period panties: these are the big, not sexy but comfortable panties meant for your period days only,by so doing you won’t get period marks on all your other sexy panties:)
  6. Bathe morning and night, so as to feel fresh, smell fresh and feel clean.
  7. Hold a hot water bottle to your abdomen when you feel cramps, this will relieve the pain and make you feel much better:)
  8.  Take a already prepared pad or a tampon with you to the bathroom, so immediately you get out of the shower you put it on to avoid getting blood on your floor (p.s your period doesn’t come when you are in the water or when you are showering.. If you didn’t know,now you do:)) and also you can sit on your toilet to dry off to avoid any red on the floor🍓
  9. Sleep on your stomach or on your sides but not on your back to avoid stain on your sheets.. You’d never know if you will have some extra heavy flow while sleeping
  10. Avoid white clothing or any bright colored clothing, so as not to get any scarlett on it👍☔
  11. Drink water more instead of drinking soda or other sugary drinks:)
  12. Consume less caffeine:) drink tea instead:)
  13. Consume less salty food to avoid bloating:)
  14. Eat dark chocolate that contains over 75% cocoa, it’s delicious and it eases cramps:)
  15. You can wear two underwears when going out to reduce the chances of blood leakage on your clothing👍
  16. Take ibuprofen or any cramp relieving drug in the morning before going to work or school to avoid holding your belly all day:)
  17. Don’t look miserable🙉 always do your hair and makeup, look pretty my dear.. You already feel like shit, why look like shit? 🙂

I hope these hacks help you feel much better during your period days and make life so much easier💜💜

Do let me know of any hack that help you out during your period:) I will love to know:) Thanks for reading, till next time..


  1. Hi there, nice post.
    My period does come when I’m taking my bath or taking a shower. I guess I’m an exception. 🙂
    So far, even though sugar is said to cause cramps, my avoidance of it does not in any way lessen my pain, so I just go on and eat sugar as I usually do.
    Hot water on the belly does work wonders, but only after I’ve used the toilet and thrown up two to three times.
    Periods can be so annoying.
    Again, nice post.


    1. kurlycurls

      Wow.. your period is really a special kind and a very rebellion one lol, you really are a strong lady..
      Thank you for reading☺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hate periods. It is the only time of the month where I am likely to say, “Sometimes I hate being a woman.” Thanks for sharing this post.


    1. kurlycurls

      I feel the same way too during my period lol its no joke😂.. you’re welcome and thank you for reading too


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