So this piece is for my new naturalistas out there:) that just big chopped and completely said goodbye to the creamy crack.. I say Congratulations!! and Welcome to the natural hair community♡♡ I wish you a very Smooth healthy natural hair journey!!
Here are some healthy hair tips that will be useful for you on your hair journey..

  • Find out your hair type/porosity/texture, so as to know how best to care for your hair
  • Find your “hair twin”lol… A hair twin is a person that has the same hair type as yours, it could be a vlogger or a blogger.. then you can get hair tips and know possible hair products that works specifically for your hair type.
  • Discover the hair products that work best for your hair (hair texture/hair type/hair porosity) and stick to those products, don’t be a product junkie:) It’s not advisable and it is a huge waste of money.(Don’t say because a particular vlogger used it and it worked perfectly for her hair, you carry yourself and go and buy! Stop oo!! It might not work for your hair, stick to the products you already know works)  And also purchase water-based products
  • Always comb/style/ work only on wet hair.. It is better, painless and stressfree.. unlike dry hair (this is major!)
  • Develop a hair regimen and stick to it.. Wether it is washing your hair weekly or deep conditioning monthly, always be regular with your regimen and never skip a wash day (clean moisturized hair is key to healthy hair)
  • Utilize the method of protective styling regularly.. Protective styles give your hair a break from manipulations , protects it from the environment and also helps your hair grow pretty fast
  • Deep condition your hair as often as possible, preferably every 2weeks or once a month
  • Probably this might not be necessary for now but don’t forget to purchase a satin scarf and sleep with a satin scarf to prevent dryness of hair and frizziness ( this is optional now because you still have a Twa but you can sleep with a satin scarf if you want)
  • Don’t be impatient with your hair or start to worry that your hair might not be growing… Relax!! Your hair is growing,you might not notice but it is growing.. Don’t be in a hurry to have long hair, relax and enjoy every stage of your hair journey (always remember this: It is hair!!It will always grow!!)

I hope you find these tips useful one way or the other, enjoy your natural hair journey and always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💙

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