Going commando is the new sexy (lol really I’m not kidding) its not an abomination neither is it sluty (banish these thoughts ladies!), but actually it is good and healthy for the vagina and really there is no theory that states that being butt naked is a sin and we must wear panties all the time, nope! (Correct me if I’m wrong🙉)

You must think I have lost my mind or something😂 but here are 7 reasons to ditch ‘dem thongs and other sexy underwears for bare bottom:

   1. Prevention of infections and itchingAllowing your vaginal breathe and get some oxygen especially in the night when you wanna sleep help prevent itching and vaginal infections like yeast infection and other related infections except STDs ofcourse. This is because our panties collect vaginal fluids and discharges and when we keep the vaginal trapped in this heat and moisture all day and most especially all night, it makes it easy for bacterias and yeasts to breed in the vaginal area which could lead to uncomfortable itching and possibly infections and that is not sexy. If you are uncomfortable with sleeping in your birthday suit, then you can put on a loose pyjamas trousers (ditch the panties, leggings, jeans, pantyhoses and other obstacles to fresh air!)

  2. No pantyline on display: You don’t need to worry about anyone seeing your pantyline any and everywhere you go when you are without an underwear, thereby bridging a huge wardrobe malfunction👍

  3No Wedgies: Don’t we all just hate wedgies!! Happens in the most unusual places and circumstances lol really. That moment when you have to rush to the toilet from class just because you wanna pull out that wayward pantie😂 or when you have to lean against the wall, look left and right to ensure the coast is clear and quickly drag out that pantie (uncomfortable I must say! We’ve all experienced this😂)

  4. Sexy time becomes even sexier:) your fella is gonna love it when there is one less clothing to deal with:) or when you send him an unexpected text in the middle of the day that you are wearing no underwear😂 (damn girl! Stop teasing me🙊)

5. You’ll feel confident and sexier barebutt than wearing a thong (girl power💪). The feeling of having that naughty secret to yourself all day is exciting too while leaving everyone else guessing wether you’re wearing or not (who cares anyway?!)

  6. You will have less laundry to deal with😂 (because 80% of your panties are clean, fresh and organized👍)

7. Lastly, it is super comfortable to walk around your house butt naked (freedom!) Or go out wearing your pretty pants without an underwear underneath (extra liberating lol)

Life without underwears can be really interesting and fun too, but we have to wear underwears sometimes though, panties needed in situations like:

☆ When your period comes, you should wear an underwear sister (major key🌟) 

☆ That pretty flair skirt or dress you have, please put on an underwear underneath. You never can tell what the wind will do and also you wouldn’t wanna seat on a public chair with your bare butt (those filthy seats), not healthy at all!

Apart from these times and maybe some other times.. I personally think its safe to ditch the devil called underwear🙉🙉 what do you think ladies? 🙂 Share with me! 

Terrific or terrible idea? I’ll really love to know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading, till next time…


7 thoughts on “DITCH THE PANTIES!

  1. I never were panties unless my wife is out for the day.

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  2. I’m a super fan of the commandos lol…Nice piece

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kurlycurls

      Lol😂😂 thanks for reading😘


  3. Maybe I’m crazy now but I go commando at least twice a week. Sometimes the whole week. Braless too 🙈 It’s wonderful.

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    1. kurlycurls

      You go gurl!! That’s the spirit😂😂 It’s just so wonderful *dreamyeyes*🙉

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  4. 🙂 I’m not one to go without, but I can see the good points…especially the less laundry. Yes on the flare dress…been there and was so glad I had on pantyhose too and that my hands work quick enough to try to not let the dress go up super high while it’s blowing in the wind.

    Another great post from you. Can’t wait to see what’s next :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kurlycurls

      Lol.. the wind can be a little naughty sometimes😂😂. Awww thank you for your kind compliment and thank you for reading😘😘

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