Hi my beautiful lovlies, 

It’s been soo long since I wrote an article for you guys:( (I’m sorry:() I’ve been so busy with school works but I’m back now.. so let’s get this party on the road🤘

Getting a weave is fun and exciting but that shouldn’t allow negligence of your own natural hair because no matter how beautiful that Brazilian hair is.. It’s gonna come off and I’m sure no one wants their hair after been protected for so long to come out looking unhealthy and weak(that is not the idea of a protective style)

So today I bring to you some haircare tips, we can all follow when we have our sew-ins:

  • Cleansing: 

It is important  to shampoo and condition our hair on a regular basis (not too often though, probably once in 2-3weeks).. This will prevent your weave from smelling foul and also keep your natural hair clean and healthy🖒 (please don’t wash your hair if you have synthetic hair on.. Its gonna be a disaster afterwards🖒) please be very gentle when washing your braids so as not to loosen your tracks:)

  • Oil your Scalp:

Make the effort to massage a lightweight oil to your braids (heavy oils can make your scalp really uncomfortable) atleast once in 2weeks. This will keep your hair moisturized and  prevent it from being too dry

  • Dry your hair properly:

Always dry your hair properly either by blow drying or naturally before bed to prevent intense tangling of your expensive hair (girlll you know:)) and also to prevent a itchy scalp.. make sure your braids are properly dried too not just your Brazilian( Your braids are more important).

  • Always wear a bonnet/ hair net before bed:

All my African ladies know about our legendary hair nets😂😂 (major major key!!).. So we should wear a hair net or satin bonnet before bed to prevent tangling. I actually prefer to use a hair net than a satin bonnet because the net allows air to touch my hair while sleeping so my hair doesn’t itch me so much. I always put on my satin scarf only when my natural hair is out. But either way is good:)

  • Use a heat protectant:

It isn’t necessary to use products on your weave ( don’t put any kind of oil, the weave needs nothing to glow) but when you want to straighten or blow dry the weave, you should should a heat protectant spray, so that your weave last long:) because regular heat can damage your weave fast

  • Keep your weave in atleast 3months:

Well, this will allow your natural hair grow and stay protected for a long time (well if you want to lol)

Having a weave is lovely and fun, the extra length and the “whip my hair around” motion lol and also keeps your natural hair protected, and for my lazy naturalistas it comes with very low maintenance. But we should never neglect our beautiful hair underneath the beautiful weave. Healthy hair is very important👌

Thank you so much for reading and for been patient with me:) I love you guys.

Till next time, always remember to embrace your hair and love yourself💞


  1. oluchee

    Isn’t 3months a lot?
    You even cheated with the title. Lol
    I have a weave on and I was hoping to see how I would maintain my hair even while the weave is on.


    1. kurlycurls

      Lol.. I said that it was optional) you can keep it in for 3months if you want.. I didn’t say you have to 😆


      1. oluchee


        3months? Optional? Well.. aii


      2. kurlycurls

        Anything is possible))


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