Where Have I Been🤔??!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my lovlies😃

I know, i know I have literally been gone for like ever🙄.. I apologize!!

I was just going through a phase in my life, where i didn’t know if I still wanna write or not (you know “the I’m so tired kinda phase” lol) but I’m over it now, finally figured out I still love my little space here, i still wanna share experiences, stories, tutorials, and other good stuffs with everyone (but that took a while to figure out! Omg!)

I hope y’all are great, i have literally missed writing and posting and doing all of the other good stuffs.

I think i just needed to take a break (a long one at that lol) to reprocess, rethink, re strategize on how to move my blog forward in a more diverse, fun and connecting way. I want to reach out to more audiences and publish more intense but fun contents that everyone can relate to🙂

Now I’m officially back!!!🙌🏾 to writing, I promise to be more consistent with my postings and to be better than before:)

Expect new articles every other day!!

Thank you so much for sticking with me for soo long and thank you for rejoining me on my blog journey:))

Lets always stay connected and be friends!

Till next time , my lovlies

Stay BeYoutiful 👑


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