Be In Control !

Life is all about making choices, choices that we make by Ourselves not choices made by people for us. For example; being in a situation whereby you try to please everyone around you and you try to make everyone happy but You are not happy… you made others happy at the detriment of your own happiness. This is a situation that almost all persons have experienced this, and must have a lot of story to tell. We (people) tend to seek people’s approval so much that we forget that our lives belong to us and no one else, we forget to be in charge of our lives, to be the boss of our existence. And by people I don’t mean random strangers on the street, hell no! Most times this kind of control comes from our family, friends, lovers and all those dear to us.Imagine a lover for example, telling you how to and how not to live your life, that is just fucking sad and disgusting! No one owns you, you have the rights and freedom to know what you want and do what you want whenever you want to. You don’t need to take instructions from nobody.I mean it is a good thing to listen and respect our elders of course, to love our partners and listen to them and so on, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your inner peace and happiness for anyone, you should be able to take responsibility for your actions wether good or bad if it does make you happy. You are a unique individual, created beautifully and special, you have the complete right to be your own boss and the only person you have and need to answer to only is Your GOD, no one else.Fly free, love yourself,make mistakes, cry, laugh.. it’s good! It’s all part of the process of growing up. Don’t be afraid to do whatever because you are thinking “what will this person think” or ” oh will I be in trouble for this”? Honey! Do that activity, get in trouble and take responsibility for it like a grown up😂😂👏🏾Stop hiding behind the shadow of no one! Be a beautiful rose 🌹 flower blooming in the midst of sunflowers 🌻 Be unique, Stand out, be your own Boss and stop giving a fuck about anything… Live your best life baby, because at the end of the day You only live once! Live in the moment, create memories and be Super Happy with Yourself!💜💜

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