STORYTIME; The Nasty Creep!

Have you ever met a creep that was unbelievably forward and a little insane? Well, maybe you haven’t but I definitely have met such creep hahaha (goosebumps).Today I will be sharing my encounter with some nasty ass creep I met sometimes ago.. okay enjoy😂.So, it all happened on a Sunday sometime ago, I know, I mean this happened on the day of the lord😒, I had just finished church service, and I was gonna go home, right? Right! So after saying my goodbyes and doing all the other “after church” shenanigans like taking a million pictures and greeting friends.I left then, I was really feeling myself that day because obviously I looked real cute. You know I was feeling like a queen, walking unbothered to the bus stop, to catch a bus home, yeah… so I had my earphones plugged in and I was a very excellent mood, feeling like nothing could go wrong.So as I walked on, matching away in my heels to the bus stop, a man suddenly appeared by my side, he definitely must have been following me for a while ( first creeper sign lol). He was a short middle aged man with lots of facial hair👀.For the sake of the story, I’ll name him Creeper! So I suddenly noticed creeper by my side, trying to talk to me, so I removed my earphones like ” can I help you or something mister? On a normal day, I won’t unplug my earphones to listen to anything, but I was feeling so happy and generous this day that I decided to grant him audience with a smile🙄.So then creeper goes ” do you know this address”? I’m like “mister do I look like a map or something, ofcourse I don’t know this place”But I didn’t say that of course, I just politely smiled and said no and end of discussion, you can go now. But Oh boy!! Was I wrong… Before I could put on my earphones again, he started to speak again.. Oh my gosh!Then he goes ahead to ask me if I could speak Russian, I’m like not really.. ( okay bye please) if I was thinking that would push him off, boy! Was I wrong again. Mr creeper starts to speak English ( not the best by the way) and he proceeds to basically give me a weather report🙄. You might be like ” what do you mean?”A weather report in the sense that, it’s like the middle of summer and it was somehow chilly that day, so he took it upon himself to explain to me why it was kinda cold ( i mean, who cares why).. in my head I was like ” sir, I don’t really care, I have a weather app on my phone.. leave me in peace please gosh!) but in reality I just kept smiling and walking real fast to get to my bus stop quickly. If I was thinking that after he gave that weather report to me and the fact that I was silent throughout would make him disappear, damn! Nope I was wrong yet again!!Creeper then decided he has known me well enough to tell me his life problems.. Yes he did!! He started to basically complain about how his job is not paying enough and how he wanna quit soon ( how is this my fucking business mister,how?! How?!!). At this point, I was already getting irritated by him, and I was praying for him to just disappear but No, he stayed on! Then finally, I get to my bus stop and I was there for my bus to come quickly so I could escape, I’m sure he noticed that I was gonna leave soon obviously, so then he requested for a selfie. I was like Ok, quite harmless, I’m still feeling pretty nice.. okay let’s take a selfie, yeah. He then proceeds to put his hand on my waist for the selfie (excuse me!! Hmm too close for comfort sir!), like mister, do you go around taking selfies with ladies with your hand on their waist?! Back off!But my “nice to everyone”mood was still present, so I ignored this not so polite move and took this selfie… But you won’t believe what this motherfucker did after this selfie moment! He literally tried to kiss me with his nasty mouth… ooooo shit! I ducked faster than anything, I don’t think I have ducked that fast before… like how disgusting and rude can a man be!!. You nasty ass creeper, first you tell me stories that I don’t care about, you put your nasty hand on my waist for a selfie, I ignored it and acted like a lady, but what the hell gave you the confidence to try to molest my pretty face with your crusty, nasty, stanky mouth?!! Get the fuck away from me this minute… 🤮🤮.After trying to freaking molest my face, he had the guts to ask for my number and also if I wanna drink coffee with him sometime..😒😒 bruh, Are you kidding me?? Like are you for real? Hell Nah!I’m sure he read my mind because he replied his question with ” the answer is no, right?😂 hmm sir the answer is actually Never!I hope I never have to see your nasty creepy self again!

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