Online Madness!

Don’t we just love the internet?, it’s an interesting place where we get to express ourselves and have a little bit of fun.There are lots of interesting things to do on the internet, social media is a very powerful platform in our generation now but unfortunately it is taking over our lives not in the most positive ways. Nowadays people literally live their everyday lives on the internet, they don’t have a real life, they just live online. They literally wake and sleep on the internet. People don’t do fun stuffs like meeting up with friends and so on anymore, they prefer to text their friends all day and chat with strangers online. And even though they meet up with their friends and family they stay on their phones throughout. It’s a really sad situation when you just wanna stay on your phones 24/7 and post and text unnecessary stuffs to unnecessary people, just to seem cool. I mean, tell me why we expose way too much about ourselves online to people that don’t know anything about us?, we’ve literally removed the word “privacy” from our life dictionary. Tell me why 12-13years old stay on the internet, acting all grown up trying to catch the wrong kinds of attention to themselves.. like young girl No! Go read a book or something, get busy on educational stuff.There are so many cases of stalking and other atrocities because we tend to expose more than we should. For instance, people love to show off everything new in their lives online, just for few likes and compliments, sometimes stuffs that are not supposed to be shown yet, are shown too early, all because they wanna brag about stuffs, thereby inviting outsiders into their private business, which sometimes causes problems. Turning their lives into a reality Tv show for others, no payment, just for compliments. (Blows my mind). In some cases, people prefer to take videos and pictures to post online about some unfortunate incident Or a very serious accident.. like what?? Instead of you to get help for the injured people, you prefer to take pictures and record videos to impress your online followers, how about you put down your phone and get the needed help for the victims. All these cases stated, just shows how much we have allowed our smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and so on have so much dominance in our lives. I feel like people think all problems are solved on Snapchat or instagram and other platforms, which is completely wrong. Social media is a good place to have fun, but when you start to have too much fun with it, then it becomes bad, craziness! Imagine, people living fake lives to impress online, they’ve got no jobs, no money and are not making any effort to do anything but they are relaxed because their online life is popping… Hmmm excuse me? How about your messed up real life?.We need to put a stop to the online madness, we need to put down our smartphones for several hours in a day and actually live our reality, you know… read a book, exercise, meet up with people, meet with friends, mediate, seek out opportunities and chase your goals. We shouldn’t be buried in our phones for like 20 hours in a day trying to be who you are not. We should think about this: if social media should shut down today, will you be completely unbothered because you couldn’t care less about it or will you loss your mind because the only thing that makes you feel good as a person has been taken away from you?! We need to bring back the good old days where we could put down our telephones and devices for more than one hour without panicking.We need a change and the change starts with You!! 💚

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