Prevent Crusty Lips!

Having good-looking, soft and smooth lips is indeed important, your lips does tell a lot about you in a way. But you won’t have smooth nice lips, if you don’t take care of your lips, will you? I guess not! You need to earn it by working hard for it.. haha okay you don’t need to work so hard though. It’s pretty easy to get succulent lips my friends. But only if the following steps are taken seriously and properly:

  • Exfoliate Lips:

Get rid of dead scaly skin cells on your lips by simply exfoliating, it’s pretty easy.. all you need to do is purchase a lip scrub and your worries are over but if you are feeling a little tight-fisted.. I gat you.Just make a little mixture of sugar and any essential oils (might be jojoba, olive oil or cooking oil, all works fine) and apply in a circular motion on your lips. But exfoliation should not be done everyday, it should be done at least twice a month. Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!!!

  • Moisture:

I would say this step is very important because keeping lips moisturized regularly is really important, you should never run out of lip balms and lip oils… this prevents chapped crusty lips. Always keep your lips wet!!

  • Water:

Drinking water is good for our metabolism, good for our physical wellbeing and also keeps our lips healthy.. I’m not saying you should drink a full gallon of water everyday, but drinking at least a glass of water daily won’t hurt.

  • Don’t Bite:

If you are one of those people, that just can’t stop biting on their lip because maybe you think it’s cake or something… hmmm honey, it’s time for you to stop please! Stop biting your precious lips!

  • Don’t Lick:

Now if you are also one of those people, that loves to roll your tongue round your lips like a roller coaster when dry, hmmm please it’s time to stop that attitude. Saliva only makes the lips drier than before when it finally dries and it also leaves a nasty saliva smell.. I mean who wants that?!. Saliva is not a lip moisturizer, don’t lick your lips!

  • Matte Lipsticks, Beware:

Matte lipsticks are lovely but very drying.. so don’t just apply your lipstick without a moisturizing primer. Always make sure to use a moisturizing lip balm before putting on that gorgeous matte lip color.. Then you slay!😃 Follow these easy steps to get your desired soft, luscious lips and your lips will literally thank you for being so kind.Xx 💋

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