DIY Gel Manicure.

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Having great looking nails is everything, it ofcourse makes your hands look less shabby, elegant and classy. You will gladly and proudly show them off anywhere ( I mean of course, why not? They’re lovely!!).But getting your nails done in a salon professionally can be pretty expensive though, and if you a student or just an individual living on a budget, you would really not want to part with “manicure money” every two weeks or once a month. Now, the question is why part with that amount of money when you can really just get your nails done in the comfort of your home, by yourself and it’s gonna be as good or even better than the salon nails?!. Just a few materials to get and some easy steps to follow… So, first, you need:

  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Cuticle remover
  • Nail polish remover
  • Uv Led lamp (don’t worry, this is so not expensive, you can get it for as low as 5$ on aliexpress or eBay)
  • Gel Base and Gel Top coat
  • Desired nail color
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Finally, a sweet smelling oil (optional of course)

Now implementing these materials into getting your nails done is really easy, the following should be done,

  • Clip the extra length:

You might want to clip away all extra lengths, if you like or desire short nails, well like me but if you like your nails long also, it’s cool.

    • File Away:

    You will then want to gently file your fingers to remove any kind of oil or discoloration of any sort. Also to create your desired nail form/shape.
    • Eliminate the cuticles:

To give your nails a neat look, you might want to gently remove/ clean your cuticle area.

    • Remove the dirt:

    Then you will clean off the mess caused by the nail file, just a slight cleaning of the nail to give it a fresh look and canvas to work on.
    Gel Base:
    Now you will apply a gel base coat to your finger and put under the Uv led lightening and cure for 60seconds. The Purpose of the Uv lamp by the way, is to get your nails to dry faster, with no smears and it gives the nails a clean gel look.
  • Nail color:

Then you apply the first layer of your desired nail color and cure for 60-120seconds under the Uv lamp, after that layer has been cured, then you apply a second layer of color and also cure for about 60-120seconds, to get you that solid long lasting manicure

  • Gel top coat:

After successfully curing the two layers of nail polish, then you apply a gel top coat to seal in the colors and give you that gel/ shellac nail effect and also cure for about 1-2minutes. It can be a glossy or matte top coat, whatever you desire to finish off your manicure!

  • Remove the film:

Afterwards, you will take a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud and gently clean each finger to remove all tacky and sticky feels from your nail. So it won’t be gummy when touched or something. Also do not mistake nail polish remover for rubbing alcohols, rubbing alcohols don’t have ace tones in them (ace tones remove nail colors quickly) but nail polish removers do have ace tones in them. But if you can’t get a rubbing alcohol, it’s fine (alcoholic drinks work, brandy, whiskey, vodka whichever). Finally massage your hand with the nail oil to give your hands that salon feeling haha.And you’re done! Now you have the perfect salon nails and you didn’t have to spend a dime to get them fixed!
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