The Time My Nail Tech Did Me Dirty!

So I used to have a nail technician that I absolutely adored and stayed completely loyal to, if my nail tech was not in town I don’t go to another salon or something, I stay till she returns and then make an appointment..

And in case I travel out of town and during my vacation, I get a chipped nail or I need a fill in (acrylic gel) urgently, I don’t go to a nail salon to get it done, I wait till I get back to town, so I can visit my beloved nail tech and friend whom I’m going to call Lydia to fix it for me, like it should be.

I just really really loved Lydia’s work and I just couldn’t think of any other manicurist touching my nails ( I’m sure y’all know that feeling). I told all my friends about her work ethics and nail skills, they also soon came to fall in love with her work and so on, I just really appreciated her, you know?! Till I couldn’t anymore.

So Lydia used to live really far away from my apartment, I know I know, why did I have to go so far when there were other nail techs near me?! I just couldn’t bear the thought of another person fixing my nails, because she kinda always knew what I wanted. Now, her house was really far from my home and even farther from my man’s house, yeah?! So most times I’m at my man’s place, and then if I make some kind of appointment with her it probably took me about 2hours to get to her place and from my place, it took me about 1hour, so both locations was pretty far from her. And she doesn’t do home services, so your home girl had to always travel to fix her nails, you feel me?!.

So most time I might be some minute late, yeah?! So she might tell me, I can’t do this step or that step on your nail and I wouldn’t mind, you know? She might decide to just give me a manicure without applying color to my nails, or she might give me a nail color without giving my nails a TLC first. But I wouldn’t mind and just went with the flow. So to prevent this I always tell her to give me a time before the actual appointment, so I’ll always try to make it in time ( for example, if my appointment is at 3pm, I preferred her telling me it’s 2pm, so I can definitely make it at 3pm, if you understand me) and she agreed,

So this fateful  incident, I made an appointment with her ofcourse.. got the booking, she told me the time of my appointment is 1pm, I’m like ok.. I got it. I was excited, ecstatic, in a great mood.. I was gonna get my nails done, I already picked a bomb color in my head with bomb ass designs to go with it and so on. The day finally came, it was a Saturday and I was in my man’s house (there was like a nail salon 2minutes away from my boyfriends place,I could have gone there but I decided to go to a place 2hours away🙄), well so I woke up early, took a shower, dressed up and was ready to go at about 11:30pm.. I set out and got in the bus, then the train, then a bus again… aaarghh was such a long fucking journey!

Not surprising, I was late again by 20minutes, I arrived at 1:20pm.. I was pretty excited to get my nails done or whatever but newsflash! Immediately I sat down on her couch, she looked at me and said “ I can’t work on your nails today”, I was like “ hmmm, why not Lydia?” And she goes “ because you are 20minutes late”. Excuse me?! You didn’t give me a time an hour early, what?? I tried to play it cool and tried to understand with her, then I was like “ but, it’s only 20 minutes, what difference will 20minutes make?, since you need approximately 2hours to finish my nails, instead of us chatting away about this, we can start and still finish close to time” but what she said next shocked the living daylight out of me.. she said “ my time is very precious, it’s like gold to me🙄 and I can’t spare you any extra minutes, because I have other customers and I already planned to finish all nails at 6pm, if I take up your nails now, I will finish at 7pm and I cannot and will never spare that one hour for you” I’m like whatttt, what did you just say.. I spent almost 2hours on the road trying to get you and you tell me all these bullshit because I’m 20 minutes late, are you for real? Oohh you think my time is not precious too?, I could have done my nails at the fucking salon 2minutes away from home!

Omg! I had never been so hurt like I was that day. But I told her, ok, just remove my previous nail color and give me a new nail color without giving me a manicure first and once again she told me a big No, saying “I need about 10minutes to give you a nail shape and there is no time” ( what the fuck?!) and by this time we already spent about 20 extra minutes arguing back and forth about this situation. I couldn’t keep it together anymore, I got so angry that I left her apartment without saying goodbye to her., like I was so hurt, I mean after all these time, that I had been loyal to her, coming from far places to get to her and she knew this but still she decided to play me dirty! Where was the loveand the nice customer service? Like Apart from being her client, I took her as a friend..  we usually chatted about boyfriends and other stuffs during manicure session. So in my head, I thought we already created a bond.. so for her to speak to me in that manner really got to me, I almost shed a tear or two..

I left her place, took a bus and walked into a nail salon at another location without making no appointments or bookings and got my nails done and it was even lovlier than what Lydia would have done.

Lydia on the other hand, never came around, never sent an apology or whatever, pretty sure she felt too guilty to send a text. At the end of the day, She was and still is just a Bitch in sheep’s clothing!


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