How I Met My Man// My Relationship Story

I never thought I could find love again, I had completely given up all hope to fall in love but I guess it wasn’t the right time then because when the right time came by, I found love and also fell in love. This is the blissful story of how I met my future baby daddy😄.

It was a cold Winter night last year in December , I had been invited to a Christmas party in a club at the center of the city. I had nothing better to do at home anyways, so I decided to attend ofcourse. My girlfriends were hyping the party up like “ it’s gonna be so much fun, its gonna be a one of a kind party, blah blah blah” haha, they couldn’t stop talking about it anyways.

So I got real cute, I mean I think I looked really bomb that day😂, so I called up my girls, to know if they were ready so we could link up at the party ofcourse (I wasn’t trying to be a lone drunk at the party lol). Apparently they were all set to go, great! We arrived at the club at around 2am ( we never show up before 12midnight😂) cutsies trying to have some fun!

We started to drink ofcourse and the fun started, hours went by, I was dancing vigorously, I’m pretty sure my makeup was starting to need touch up at this time (I didn’t really care😂).

All night though, my friend kept pointing my attention to a particular guy on the dance floor and she kept telling me how nice he looked and how well he dressed or whatever but I didn’t really pay much attention to the supposed guy because 1. I was pretty tipsy 2. I was upstairs while he was downstairs dancing and there wasn’t much light too.

All of a sudden I bumped into a guy coming upstairs from the dancefloor, so to make the situation less awkward I was like “Hi” I mean yeah,ofcourse, what was I suppose to say?! Haha. He was pretty nice and handsome also, he then replied quite cheerfully “ oh hi, I’m Ayo, nice to meet you” ofcourse I said “Nice to meet you too” smiled and we literally parted ways👀 then my friend came around and told me that was the guy, she had been talking about all night.. oh wow.. really? Okay then lol.

I didn’t see much of him the entire night though before I left for home. But my friend whom I will call Beth, striked up some kind of conversation with him apparently and He had told her that He knew me and He always watched my snaps and He sometimes saw her (Beth) twerking on my snapchat😂😂

What the hell?!, dude really? I have never noticed you,my man.. Are you sure it’s my snap you viewed😂. I was stunned really, but I didn’t think so much of it at the time.. I kinda like played it cool, I mean its not everyone on our snapchat that we know personally anyways.

The party came to an end, I went home ofcourse back to my daily life.. I didn’t see him before leaving anyways.. I wasn’t bothered or anything. Party was over!

Two days later, which was January  1st, tell me why I get a snap message from no other person than Ayo.. what?? You’re really on my snapchat haha. Initially I thought he wanted to chat about my friend (Beth) or something, but No! He wanted to chat about me.. “hmmm well sir, since you’ve been stalking me for so long, you can as well ask me anything😂”.

We texted all day, like for real.. I could not put my phone down for a minute.. we just kept texting back and forth about interesting stuffs I guess, like we had known each other for the longest time, we had such amazing chemistry in our conversation, at this point I already liked him and gave him my number, so we left snapchat, to start chatting on Whatsapp.. It was crazy😂. In the middle of our never ending conversation he revived some pretty shocking news.. He told me that in 2016, He sent me a message in my dm on instagram and literally it would have been better if I didn’t reply because my replies were icy haha. I’m like “c’mon, it couldn’t have been that bad.. i mean c’mon”

well guys, it was bad😂 I checked it and I confirmed that it was pretty discouraging for any guy.. well🤷🏽‍♀️ You couldn’t have blamed me, I just got out of a bad relationship, I wasn’t searching, I just wanted to appreciate myself more and not be disturbed by men😂 ( mehn,I was a cold ass bitch back then), well to fix things I didn’t apologize Lol, but invited him to another party, happening that evening.

He was gonna refuse but I guess I was very persuasive, he agreed ofcourse, we met at the party and danced together all night.

Afterwards He dropped me off at home in his taxi, gave me a goodnight kiss and then took off to his house, what a gentleman! We continued to talk regularly on the phone and finally the following week, he took me out on a date. It was an amazing date and he did confessed on how much he really liked me, I was blushing like a kid, because I did like him too.

At the end of the night, He asked me out! Yes gurl, He asked me politely to be his girlfriend, omg! Like If I say I was expecting that question, then I’m the biggest liar ever.. I was pleasantly surprised, I kinda panicked at first because I didn’t know if we were moving too fast or nah but I said Yes anyways.

And 7months later, I am glad I said Yes to his request ahaha, I’m grateful that the party happened and I’m happy things worked out the way they had. He is absolutely amazing in all aspects and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and partner.728287EE-D988-4226-8312-E60DABB625CA

I can’t wait to share more of our stories as our love adventure continues❤️.



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