Movie Review: Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

Guest post by Victor O Owoputi

  • “Love is a b***h when it’s chained to a tormentor”
  • “The truth comes out when a man cums”

My two favorite quotes from the movie ofcourse, not the worst Tyler perry’s movie, infact quite admirable acting from Taraji P Henson ‘Cookie’ and the entire Cast really but still not even close to the top 20 Tyler Perry’s movie.

So yeah she was a little pyscho (borderline personality disorder was mentioned) but I think the movie writer did a little too much trying to justify her crazy… what do I mean, yeah? Okay, I mean how much can a woman take really,

  • She ruptured her ovaries trying to knock his trailer down when she realised he was inside with another woman called “DIANA”, She ended up getting a full hysterectomy (She could never have a child again)
  • Years later, Robert meets DIANA again, same woman that caused Melinda her Ovaries happens to use the guy’s delivery truck, leaves her purse unintentionally. But Melinda found out, not waiting for an explanation but moved by rage and jealousy filed for a divorce. (Lost her marriage of more than 18years)
  •  same woman (DIANA) helps with his (Robert) dreams and steals all her (Melinda) dreams and her desired life with Robert, whom She had been with for 18years.BBD979A8-7D97-4B0A-955F-AAB2759EFB73.jpeg

I mean At a point I could feel myself escaping reality, so fully aware this was just a movie and found myself somewhere in the writer’s fantasy world.

Yeah yeah, He should have worked to support her during the 18years (he was just a very lazy doofus) and she shouldn’t have listened to her family, but if she were  my  own sister, I would have adviced her the exact same way, I would have even probably beaten up the husband way before then infact, let’s see what hands he has left to invent any batteries haha.

Basically , the efforts were a tad too much in having the viewers wondering, is she just a victim, a warrior or just bat shit crazy? and honestly, it failed and the movie became another stereotypical movie about a black angry woman that was hurt by a black man. But I would give the movie a 5( on a scale of 1-10) and that is  just fueled by the amazing Taraji p Henson and what she brought to her character even though I felt it held her back a little.FE6F013D-D779-4F28-B74F-DA7E0D20351F.jpeg

Thank you….didn’t expect you guys to get this far, so a little gift, if you haven’t seen Real Steel(2011), a Hugh jack man’s movie. You should! I assure it won’t be a waste of time.

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts and opinions on it? Do let me know in the comment box

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1 thought on “Movie Review: Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

  1. I think the movie was way better than your analysis. Yes, there was too much emotions and skipping reality when Diana ended up being the one he got married to after their divorce but I feel Tyler did justice to the movie and it deserves way more than a 5 (a 7 maybe). Acrimony was a good movie, the kind that keeps you guessing (the end past was a mess though). Great review though. Hope to see more of these.


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