How To Act Correctly On A First Date

To have a successful relationship, you must have a good-solid relationship foundation. First dates are a great way of getting to know a person better and also to make a connection with your partner. But first dates can be pretty nerve racking because, you are probably meeting your date for the first time and you don’t know what to expect and also you are just very anxious and moderately scared.

But not to worry, here are some guidelines on how to behave when out on your first date,

  • Be On Time;

Now this part is important really, nobody wants for wait hours for their supposed date to arrive at the chosen venue, though your date might over-look it, but courtesy demands you don’t waste our partner’s time simply because your date might not complain. Be polite and come early.B4835230-F39A-435A-BBDC-D5EE0BD95493.jpeg

  • Look Great But Too Sexy;

In as much as you have to look really cute and elegant, you don’t wanna overdo your look or show too much skin, leave a lot of “parts” to the imaginations. Just keep it classy but not trashy.5CBEB1FC-E668-4FBE-82AA-11CDFAE2304D.jpeg

  • Be Yourself;

Nothing is more irritating than a person trying so hard to be who they are not all evening, don’t protrait a character different from your true self. Let your date get to know the real you, if they don’t fancy the real you.. then their loss not yours. Don’t try to impress, just be you.A127BBE0-1368-40D4-8FAB-4C471613E634

  • Ditch The Heels;

Wearing heels on a date is totally cute, but it won’t be so fun if your date takes you on a park date or after dinner you both decide to take a long romantic walk to the beach or around town, just to talk more. And your feet is hurting like crazy. So put on comfortable foot wears and have fun.D87E67B0-88C2-4344-BEFE-C22D643B25B7

  • Smile;

Do show your pearly whites, nobody want to be on a date with a grumpy, frowning person. Smiling makes everything better and the mood lighter.703545D6-4DF4-4888-A2C4-B3C72CDC9D50.jpeg

  • Make Eye Contact;

This is not the time to be shy or to continously be starring at the person across your table. Making eye contact gives out self confidence on your part to your date and also its just polite to make eye contacts when spoken to.AB46601D-22F7-430E-89DE-7B236484C808.jpeg

  • Don’t Discuss Exes;

Okay, now! Your first date is not the time to bring up discussions about how bad your Ex treated you or how miserable your past relationship was… nobody really cares on the first date, leave your problems at home, such unnecessary conversations will only get your number deleted from your date’s phone (you will probably come off as crazy). So why not just keep your conversations fresh, positive and in the moment.1BB1EC73-3FBF-42FE-AEA2-E487BA854371.jpeg

  • No Home Date;

Do NOT go to your date’s house on the first date, No! No! No!. Apart from the fact that it is not safe, it doesn’t speak so well of you as a person. Home dates are just free tickets for easy sex and probably murder. Be safe, meet in a public place.8541B757-8783-47A8-8E3B-63B97ED88572.jpeg

  • Don’t Be A Glutton;

If you are a glutton by nature, please leave your gluttony attitude at home this time haha, for real though. don’t go ordering every dish on the menu or every wine on the menu, just because you are hungry. Gosh No! Control yourself, that will only cause embarrassment for your date and yourself also.621E28C4-30F6-488F-ABD3-7E3256BB32B4.jpeg

  • Put your Phone Away;

It is totally impolite to be on your phone while on a date, pay your date some deserved attention because they took time out of their busy schedules to meet with you, its totally rude to ignore them for your smartphones. If you really want to be on your phone, then stay home.88362678-2CD3-41AB-BCDB-3B52B9FDD680.jpeg

  • No Sex;

Ladies and Gentlemen! No sex on the first date.06412135-FB35-4309-BA0C-7FFF4F4DB5E3.jpeg

And that concludes my ultimate guidelines to a first date, now go out confidently and have fun on your first date.

Have you ever been on a date? what was your first date like? Do share Xx

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