My Current Favorite Movies To See.

Choosing a great movie to see, can be pretty difficult because there are so many nice movies released nowadays and it’s hard to know the best. But not to worry, I have watched quite a few great movies in my lifetime haha and today I will be sharing my current favorite movies that has wowed me and I won’t mind rewatching again and again and again (haha I mean you get my point). So incase you are in a dilemma on what good movies to see, keep reading and check these movies out.

21. By The Sea (2015)



20. The Hangover (2009) 3740CFE0-5D8A-4FD7-8F22-CC4B07506301

19. Due Date (2010) 94061E9C-6C21-4933-B704-981487484CD3.jpeg

18. We’re The Millers (2013)140B4E73-DA94-426C-8D20-6EB8F8B6B7D4.jpeg

17. Roxanne Roxanne (2017) 56EED359-BEB2-4BEF-8008-23107E7B0A8C.jpeg

16. #Reality High (2017) EC29720A-77A1-4194-A78D-DBD364393F88.jpeg

15. The Tourist (2010) 4A7EF4BF-4BB8-47E0-9D79-DA56257C2041

14. Set It Up (2018) 245B37A2-1FEC-4384-953F-09E677E8FBDA

13. The Wolf  Of Wall Street (2013) 3F0EF200-2FBA-4DC4-A79F-C5570BD630BA

12. Acts Of Vengeance (2017) 67F03CE4-72D8-408B-9B6D-4AA419420256

11. Equalizer (2018) 8D63B0D3-4B88-4E08-9AA0-8E016D089AB0

10. Rampage (2018) D16F7BAF-9412-4D6C-A500-C9E7DC6763D2.jpeg

9. 10,000 BC (2008) 03E6B343-74C1-4ED9-B5F6-C41BFB99B1A0 

8. Acrimony (2018)  E6F3B20F-3795-41D6-929D-909DE67A4824.jpeg

7. DeadPool 1 (2016) & 2 (2018) 1F8E7B20-7008-4B12-A004-BDCA455A2F3D.jpeg

6. Real Steel (2011)  6EDC0EFA-1289-428D-9283-B24C0875997C.jpeg

5. The Week Of (2018) 75252CD3-2A27-4BB7-B40A-D26D2B78FF08.jpeg

4. Girls Trip (2017) BA352228-0266-4BA5-857B-F34FCD5A6EE8.jpeg

3. Black Diamonds (2006) F0375735-ABAE-4C40-90CB-060648574843.jpeg

2. Beasts Of No Nation (2015) 95713BFA-AE72-4467-8E3F-B1741384C4C6.jpeg

1. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) 9AB0B2B8-3519-4652-B3ED-B714E038FBDF.jpeg

Thank you! for making it to the end of my long list haha.. Stay tuned to read all about my current favorite Tv series to see.. This will be in an upcoming post, so be expectant.

Have you seen any of the movies on my list? What is the name of your favourite movie? Do share, I will love to know Xx

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