The Pills: Yay or Nay?

The pill, commonly known as contraceptives is a method of oral contraception that is ingested Every day, at a Scheduled time for 21 days, with a pill-free break of 7days or continuously for 28days without a break. Bc pills are available in two forms,

  • The combined pill, which contains both estrogen and progestin hormones (this pill is mostly prescribed by gynecologists) this is used continuously for 21days, with a pill-free break of 7days
  • The mini pill, which contains only progesterone (progestin), this is slightly less effective than the combined pills and its used continuously for 28days with no breaks.
  • Contraceptive pills have a 99.9% potency to prevent pregnancies, with the remaining 1% failing due to Improper and Inconsistent Usage. So! Now, ingesting synthetic hormones on the daily, what could be it’s pros and cons? Let’s talk about a few!
  • Pros:

    • When used Properly, It prevents pregnancies completely.
    • In a Monogamous,Trusting Relationship, the pill can eliminate the use of condoms.
    • Bigger Tits. 🙂
    • The pills have the ability to give a clearer and an acne free skin.
    • It helps to regulate irregular periods.
    • It reduces cramps and heavy menstrual flow.
    • It’s inexpensive and easy to pick up at any pharmacy (unlike some other method of contraception), But Must be prescribed by your gynecologist.


    • It must be taken everyday and on schedule!, no day on the blister must be missed.

    For a forgetful person, Pilly! apps might be very helpful for remembering or just a simple reminder on your smartphone.

    • Roller coaster mood swings is a common side effect of Bc pills (for at least the first 3months!), your hormones are all over the place, one minute you’re walking on sunshine 😇 and the next you’re swinging a knife😡.
    • The pills can dent your sex life, Now you can agree to disagree with me that, the reason you go on the pill is solely to enjoy loads of sex without having to worry about nothing, but now you can’t because your libido is gone with the wind.
    • Breast tenderness
    • Headaches
    • Breakouts, just as some individuals get clearer nice skin, some others break out terribly.

    So! In conclusion, I would say, The pills are a yay! They help prevent so many unplanned pregnancies and also side effects don’t last forever:))

    So! What is your opinion? taking into consideration the pros and cons, Is the pill a yay or nay for you?

    Share your thoughts🙂

    2 thoughts on “The Pills: Yay or Nay?

    1. debz16

      YAAY to big tits, clear/acne free skin but low libido? I have to give it a second thought or better still, are there medically approved drugs to boost one’s libido that could be taken alongside contraceptives?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There is a drug called Addyl (flibanserin) the female version of viagra, but I don’t think you need to take it to boost your drive, you can just simply go back to your doctor and make some analysis that you’re Medical fit, if yes, then a new prescription should be given, one which won’t reduce the level of testosterone (hormone that controls the sex drive) in your body.
        Also you can simply try to spice things up in the bedroom, try new styles/positions, you might simply just be bored.
        Thanks for reading 💙💙


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