The Clean&Clear Acne Products// SkinCare Review

About a month ago, I had the worse episode of breakouts, I wouldn’t have for a second, thought I would have that much acne in my adult life. Though, I have an oily skin type I never really experience breakouts except during “that” time of the month.

I made some (alot!) researches, got mostly positive feedbacks for the clean&clear products, picked up a few and here I am with a detailed review.

The first,

  • The Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser Gel

Packaging and Price:

It comes in a simple grey tube, it contains 150ml volume of product and retailed for 114rph (5$) at the drugstore.

  • Guarantees:
  • It promises to,

    • eliminate acne fast and prevent future breakouts,
      Fight excess oil and dirt,
    • Soothe the skin, leaving it shine-free without drying out the skin,
    • Penetrates and unclogs the pores,


    Its a transparent wash, with a smooth consistency which glides easily around the face.


    It has a soft fresh scent, nothing strong and disturbing.

    How I Applied:

    I used this product twice daily, in the morning and in the evening before bed. I begin on freshly washed and damp face, I extract a small quantity of gel from the tube and gently rub into my skin for 30-60seconds, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    My Thoughts:

    After using, my skin feel soft and oil-free, my acne was visibly reduced, didn’t dry out my skin and also very gentle on my skin,


    • Future breakouts was not prevented despite constant daily use,
    • Its not fast acting, takes a while before changes can be visible.

    Over all, I’m not dissatisfied with the product.

    Would I Recommend:

    Yes, I would recommend this product, if you have oily or combination acne-prone skin, you should check out this product. Also I would repurchase.

    Rank: 3/5

    Check it out Here


    • Clean and Clear 3in1 Daily Black point Gel
  • Packaging and Price:
  • It comes in a simple blue tube, contains 150ml volume of product and retails for 96rph (4$)
  • Guarantees:
  • It promises to,
    • Clear black spots,
      Unclogs pores,
      Fast acting results, as early as the first day!
      Mattify the skin and remove excess oil.


    It’s a white colored face mask kind of gel, it has a smooth consistency and glides easily around the face.


    It has a fresh minty scent.

    How I Applied:

    Also I used this product twice daily,I used it after washing my face with the advantage acne face gel, a little goes a long way, so I take a small amount and swipe it around my face and neck, then I wait about 30-60seconds to dry, afterwards, I then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    My Thoughts:

    After using, the skin felt tightened, it left a cooling after effect on the skin (like minty fresh cool). Cleansed the pores, left the skin soft and silky, also didn’t dry out the skin.


    • Doesn’t eliminate black spots.

    I was quite disappointed due to this, but I guess for the price, I shouldn’t have raised my expectations so high.

    Would I Recommend:

    No I won’t recommend this product if you’re trying to clear black spots, but if you want a regular face mask with no special purpose (just for cleansing the skin and pores) you should check this product out . I personally won’t be repurchasing.

    Rating: 1.5/5

    Check it out Here

    The Last,

    • Clean and Clear Black Spots Cleaner Lotion

  • Packaging and Price:
  • It comes in a transparent light blue bottle, it contains 200ml volume of products and retails for 91rph (3$)
  • Guarantees:
  • It promises to,
    • Cleanse skin of factors causing clogged pores
      Dry up acne
      Clear black spots.


    It has a liquid consistency.


    It has an alcoholic scent (like the smell of methylated spirit)

    How I Applied:

    I began on a clean dry skin, though it says to use once daily, I used twice daily. I put a little amount on a cotton swab and wipe my face and neck.

    My Thoughts:

    After using, it cleansed the skin deeply and acne was visibly reduced.


    • It once again doesn’t clear black spots.
    • The alcohol content is too strong, stings eyes when applying.

    I’m not really dissatisfied with this product because even though it doesn’t clear black spots, it works to reduce acne.

    Would I Recommend:

    I will recommend this product if you want to be rid of acne (for black spots, No!) and I won’t mind repurchasing.

    In conclusion, using these 3 products together I would give them a,

    Total Rating of: 3/5

    Check it out Here


    What do you think of these products, will you like to try them?!

    Let’s chat:))

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    1. I am not so keen on using skin care products on my skin but with your review, this might just be my go-to when I get on some skin care routine

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