Tired of Sweating? The AntiPerspirant That Works

Sweating, the production of fluid from the sweat gland can be really humiliating when produced in excess, a disorder called hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) now, can be really embarrassing! It stains clothes, complicates social interactions and most antiperspirants don’t provide a concrete solution to the issue (from personal experience).

I had a serious sweating issue till I found a lasting solution in a little bottle, this antiperspirant really helped me and I’m sure it will help someone out here too. So, let’s talk about this product, shall we?

This product is called Etiaxil Strong Antiperspirant Roll-On

Packaging and price: It’s made in denmark and Unlike regular antiperspirants, its comes in a little bottle with a capacity of 15ml and also unlike regular antiperspirants retails for 260rph (10$).

Purpose: Unique antiperspirant used against moderate perspiration and especially hyperhidrosis. Useful in all season, most especially in the summer.

Compositions: Alcohol Denat, Aluminum Chloride, PEG-12 Dimenthicone.

Scent: It posesses an alcoholic scent but when applied it leaves no scent, completely odorless.

How To Apply: Antiperspirant is applied once in 3-5days on any area that gives you concern (underarms, back, palms, feet, etc). It should be applied at night and allowed to dry completely to initiate its effects.


  • Complete immunity from sweat,
  • Leaves no scent, thereby enabling you to use any scented deodorant you prefer on the daily.
  • Product can last up to 2-5months depending on your usage.
  • Confidence restored, stains removed!


  • When used immediately after shaving, causes itching. You should wait a day after shaving to use this product.
  • Leaves white patches after drying

Final Thoughts: I recommend this product to anyone with excessive sweating issues most especially, it is worth every penny spent.

You can check it out Here


2 thoughts on “Tired of Sweating? The AntiPerspirant That Works

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    Thanks for this

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    1. You’re welcome dear💙


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