The Stylish Woman: What Your Style Says About Your Character||Fashion&Lifestyle

Clothings were solely used for the coverage of the naked bodies in the ancient times, but nowadays, its more than just covering our naked bodies. Recently, its a statement piece, a form of self expression and the effortless way of introducing yourself without uttering a word.

As having a sense of style is about expressing your individuality and character, what could your style be possibly saying about you?

  • Career Driven, Successful and Influential:

This woman is a business woman, She’s got everything going excellently for her. She irradiates success, power and determination From the sole of her stilettos to the heme of her dress. She doesn’t mess around, She’s a figure to be acknowledged and every aspiring career woman wants to be her.

  • Artistic And Unconventional:

Otherwise known as the bohemian woman, This woman is free-spirited and unconventional. She lives a liberated lifestyle, from her accessories to her patchwork, embroidered dress. She’s free, She’s boho-chic.

  • Girly Essence:

This woman loves a bright, pastel colored dress with floral patterns, She has a flair for Romance, a sucker for romance stories and romantic gestures. She has the grace of a lady and loves being treated as one.

  • Laidback, Simple and Casual:

She’s like the typical girl next door, She doesn’t do high fashion or extravagantly gorgeous but She can be the life of the party. She keeps a low profile, A simple white t-shirt and jeans does the trick for her. She is relaxed but stylish.

What kind of style do you own?

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