The L’oreal Paris Double “Endless Freshness” Scrub Review

Today is all about skin exfoliation, Now! What is exfoliation? This is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin outer surface, with the use of exfoliating agents like facial scrubs, peels and lots more.

It is quite important to exfoliate regularly due to the many benefits it brings, but most importantly it helps other skin care products penetrate deeper into the skin. There are so many exfoliating methods to choose from, but today I will like to write about my experience with the L’oreal Paris Facial Scrub.

This product is called The L’Oreal Paris Double “Endless Freshness” Scrub.

Packaging and Price, It comes in a partly peach and partly transparent tube with a capacity of 150ml and it retails for 124rph (5$).

Guarantees, It promises to,

  • Soften coarse areas of the skin,
  • Improve quality of the skin and remove dead skin cells,
  • Deeply cleanse pores and reduce appearance of acne
  • Refresh and revitalize the skin.

Fragrance, I successfully couldn’t put a name to the scent (true that), I can only say, it has a fresh flowery smell, very mild scenting not strong and irritating.


It has a liquid-grainy texture, the grits are tiny and not harsh at all. Very gentle when applying.

How I Applied, I apply twice a week and I begin on damp clean skin, I gently massage into my skin for about 30seconds then rinse thoroughly with warm water.


  • Grits were very gentle on my skin,
  • Cleanses and unclogs my pores,
  • It leaves my skin mattified but not too dry,
  • Refreshes and softens my skin,
  • Deeper absorption of other moisturizing products,
  • Fewer blackheads,
    Very affordable.

Nays, None, I have no issues concerning this product.

Final Thoughts, I really enjoy using this product, especially for my oily skin type. It worked really well, it’s a definite staple in my beauty collection

Do I Recommend?, Yes I recommend this facial scrub to everyone especially those with oily and combination skin. Works Nicely.

Rating, 5/5

Will you like to try this product? Share your thoughts.

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  1. […] start on a freshly washed face,Slightly wet. Sometimes I exfoliate my face with my L’oreal paris endless freshness scrub before applying. I then apply a moderate amount with my fingers evenly across my face, […]

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