Ziaja Cucumber Face Cream Review

Moisturization is an important part of all skincare routine, it helps keep your skin clear, soft, smooth and crease-free. Now, choosing the right moisturizer in this step is quite important, most especially for oily skins/ acne prone oily skins.

Moisturizers for this skin type must be oil-free, light weight, hydrating and mattifying. Most products guarantees these qualities, but do they work?

Today, I will be giving my opinion on my recently acquired moisturizer called, Ziaja Cucumber Face Cream For Oily and Combination Skin

Packaging and Price, It comes in a little white box, in it contains the product with the capacity of 1.7 fl oz (50ml), it retails for 66rph (3$)

Guarantees, it promises,

  • An intensive moisturizing effect,
  • To give the skin an even, beautiful tone
  • To lighten pigment spots and reduce redness
  • Non-greasy effect.

Important Component, It contains Cucumber extracts, sulfur and mineral salt, oil-free.

Fragrance, It has a freshly sliced cucumber scent.

Consistency, it has a creamy, smooth consistency that glides easily on the skin, moderate thickness.

How I Applied, I apply this product twice daily, starting on freshly cleansed skin, I massage deeply into my skin till it is totally absorbed.


  • It absorbs totally into my skin
  • It has an effective moisturizing effect.
  • Skin is soft and silky after use


  • Mattifying effect doesn’t last all day, leaves greasy films after a short while.

My Final Thoughts, I like this product because of its easy applications and the scent is appealing, better than some products I’ve used in the past but definitely not the best in the market, but for its price, I guess much can’t be expected from this product.

Would I Recommend?, Yes, I would! Not the best but definitely not the worst.

Ratings, 3/5

Will you try this product, share your thoughts.

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