Beach Bag Essentials For A Perfect Day Out In The Sun

Summer! An awesome 3months of uninterrupted sunshine and the best time to hit the sea side. The beach is quite relaxing, sitting by the sea, enjoying the breezy atmosphere and calming scenarios, taking amazing selfies and letting all your worries fade in the moment.

But having the perfect beach day starts with having all necessary important items to ensure your day won’t be devastated and cut drastically short.

So! Here are some essential items that should always be in your beach bag, anytime you’re up for a long relaxing day at the seaside.

Sunscreen, Don’t go sitting at the beach without your sunscreen, that is a beach day No no! You won’t get a perfect tan, you’ll only get sun burnt.

Flip Flops, these are the best footwear to put on at the beach, you don’t want to be struggling to walk in your stilettos or wedges on the abundant amount of sand at the beach. How uncomfortable!

OverSized Beach Hats, These hats are fashionable and also protects you from the harsh rays of the sun.

Swimming Suit, why go to the beach without a swimsuit right? I mean, what’s the point of coming, go to the zoo instead.

Swimsuit Cover Up, This provides cover from the sun, great for taking walks around the beach without feeling too exposed and its also a very stylish beach must-have.

Beach Towel, Having your own towel at the beach is very important, so you don’t have to start searching for disposable towels after getting in the water and also it can be used as a beach mat.

Beach Mat, if you have no interest in laying on your towel, a foldable beach mat is what you need, big enough to accommodate you and your friends.

Portable PowerBank, Now, no one wants to get a flat battery at the beach, when there are so many great selfies to take. Avoid this from happening by bringing your own charged up powerbank. Charging on the go.

Sunshades, you don’t want to go to the beach squinting your eyes, always bring your sunglasses.

Snacks and Drinks, It’s always a good idea to pack lunch or picnic to enjoy with your friends and family at the beach.

A Novel, Its good to bring a book along with you to the beach to enjoy your alone time with your favorite author. Reading is fundamental.

What are your beach day essentials? I’ll love to know! Pen down in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Beach Bag Essentials For A Perfect Day Out In The Sun

  1. I’m from the islands and unfortunately won’t be going home this summer but I’ll definitely use these for the pool. Loved this post!

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