The Tumor Called Fibromyoma (Uterine Fibroids)

Fibromyoma (Uterine fibroids) is a Non-cancerous muscular tumor growth that develops in the Uterus (the womb). Mostly developing during childbearing years.

Now, what is the exact cause of Uterine Fibroid?

This remains a secret still unknown to the medical world but it could be due to: Genetics or High Level of hormone production (Estrogen And Progesterone) in the reproductive system.

Which women are most likely to develop Uterine Fibroids?

  • African-American women
  • Obese and overweight women
  • Women with a family history of Fibroids
  • Women within childbearing ages.

What Symptoms are typical for Uterine Fibroids?

  • Sometimes Uterine Fibroids show no symptoms at all and can only be seen during an ultrasound examination. Most times, there are signs such as,
    • Heavy and prolonged Menstruation
      Several Abdominal cramps
      Lower back pain
      Increased urination
      Pain during sex
      In cases when the tumor growth is more than 7cm, enlargement of the abdomen.
      Repeated miscarriage.

    What conditions are most likely to be caused by Uterine Fibroids?

    • Iron deficiency Anemia, due to prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding, the woman loses large amounts of her stored iron, thus the development of iron deficiency anemia, so it’s advisable to visit the gynecologist if you experience heavy menstrual flow. It might be a sign of an underlying condition like fibroid
      Infertility, due to the excessive growth of the tumor in the uterus, an embryo will not be able to attach to the womb.

    How Can this condition be diagnosed?

    Only a gynecologist can diagnose this growth with the use of Ultrasonography (ultrasound examination).

    Also a complete blood count and Iron test is necessary to confirm the presence or absence of anemia.

    See your gynecologist quickly if you experience any of the above symptoms.

    How to be rid of this issue?

    There is no medication that can totally shrink up the tumor growth. Medications are prescribed to curate the symptoms( severe pain, heavy menstruation etc)but not completely cure the issue.

    Surgery should be done to remove large, multiple tumor growths.

    If small, treatment might not be needed, just regular gynecological checkings.

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