3 Best Sleeping Positions For A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important activities that we engage in as humans every single day. It’s a comfort when you come home very tired and you need that rest, though not everyone gets the full 8hours of shut eyes, which is okay, busy schedule and all. But you still need to get some good enough hours of sleep.

Now it’s only fair to you to get the most out of your sleep with great sleeping positions, so you don’t wake up still tired and very grumpy.

Let’s avoid grumpy mornings with these three positions.

Sleeping on Your Sides, This position is especially great for people that snore loudly or suffer from sleep apnea (this is when the breathing stops and starts again during sleep).

In the sense that it keeps the airways open, keeps the head and neck aligned and keeps esophagus elevated. There by preventing loud snoring (especially when you sleep on your left side) and sleep apnea. Also prevents acid reflux that can cause you heart burn during sleep.

But be sure to switch from side to side, so as to prevent waking up with stiff shoulders due to laying on one side for far too long.

Sleeping On Your Back, This is a good sleeping position but it’s definitely not for everyone. This position keeps your spine aligned thereby making it the easiest way to protect your spine and it also helps relieve hip and knee pains.

For my beauty queens, unlike sleeping on your sides, which might bring about a little bit of face wrinkles, with the back position you get none of that (hello, fresh face beauty!).

But, this position is not for people that snores and suffers from sleep apnea, just for the simple reason that this position makes snoring even more severe and very loud (it’s best to sleep on your side).

Sleeping In a Fetal Position, This is basically a more curled up side sleeping position, knees up to your chest, No care in the world! This position, just like the side position, helps prevent snoring.

It also reduces lower back pain and its recommended for pregnant women. But make sure not to pull your knees up too tightly against your chest, sleep loose and relaxed to prevent waking up with sore knees and stiff joints.

Now choose your preferred snooze style, put on your pyjamas and get some well deserved beauty Sleep.

Sleep Tight everyone!

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8 thoughts on “3 Best Sleeping Positions For A Good Night’s Sleep

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  3. I needed this..thank you for sharing 🌸

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    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for reading 💕

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  4. I always sleep on my side!

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    1. That makes two of us, because I do too!

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