7 Ways To Maintain Your Color Treated Natural Hair

Caring for your natural hair after going through color treatments is quite different from how you care for the typical untouched hair. It needs extra care and maintenance because without good maintenance, it could become terribly damaged and you’ll have to cut, cut and cut away inches of hair and nobody wants that now, do we?.

I enjoy getting my hair colored and I’ve learnt that caring for color treated hair doesn’t have to be complicated, though in the past I’ve made several hair mistakes that cost me to chop off my hair and start all over haha but I think after so many mistakes, I finally got the hang of it. Do read further on my selected ways to maintain your color treated hair.


  • COLOR RETOUCHING INTERVAL, This has got to be the first because most of my errors was because of violation of this point. Do not re-bleach or re-dye your hair too quickly after your first application, you should wait at least 6-8weeks before retouching, you should give your hair a brief break from the chemicals to avoid getting brittle, dry and weak hair (Very Important!)


  • HANDLE WITH THE UTTERMOST CARE, As bleaches and dyes make your hair really fragile and dry too, you should always be careful when you detangle and wash your hair. You should detangle your hair gently with a wide tooth comb and wash your hair gently too with the right shampoos for color treated hair.


  • REGULAR DEEP CONDITIONING, This step is very important and Should be done once every week if your hair is not in a protective style. Deep Conditioning helps replenish moistures that has been stripped from the hair during the chemical treatment (as it’s a known fact that color treatments makes the hair very dry) and it also strengthens weakened hair.


  • MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE!! MOISTURIZE!!! Always remember that color treated hair needs constant moisturizing. After washing and deep Conditioning, you should always apply a Leave In conditioner and also lock in the moisture with the use of oils, hair creams, shea butter and others, as daily moisturizing is very essential to color treated hairs.

color care hair products 190946 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Colored and Bleached Hair

  • PURCHASE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS, Color treated hairs require specific products meant for dyed hair only, buy sulfate free shampoos which are color safe, this also goes for deep conditioners, conditioners, gels, hair balms etc. Make sure your hair care products are color safe, do all necessary researches on products before going shopping.


  • GO EASY WITH STYLING, Play less in your hair, always rock a protective style, It’s fun to have and also it helps your hair retain moisture and prevent unnecessary breakage.


OVERNIGHT PROTECTION, Always keep your hair protected while you sleep, as constant rubbing of your hair against your pillow for such long hours could cause a split or breakage in your hair, so always sleep with a scarf, bonnet, turban, hoodie etc on, to keep your hair protected all night.

Do you have color treated hair? What are your go-to maintenance methods? Pen 🖊 down in the comments! 

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