My Super Long Drama-Filled Flight To Nigeria || Airplane Stories

The day finally came for me to pack up my bags and embark on my planned trip, a long ass trip I tell you! It was quite gloomy in kiev but I was still looking cute though haha and I was half glad to be zooming off haha.

I got to the airport, checked in my baggages, got my boarding pass, kissed my boyfriend goodbye and then the journey began. After successfully passing through airport security and immigrations, It was then time to start my 11-hours flight to Nigeria, of course it wasn’t a direct plane ride.

First, we transit at Istanbul! The plane ride to Istanbul was smooth and calm, breakfast was served, I listened to my music. I had a really nice flight, the transit was for about 2 hours, So I hooked up with some friends, took some pictures and continuously checked the board for my boarding gate (I just had to😆). Then it was time to board, I told my friends goodbye and rushed off to board my flight, I got to the gate and trust Turkish Airlines to delay, the boarding had not started, it started about 30minutes later, I was just too cute to be mad so I paid it no mind😁.

But trust that wasn’t going to last too long, as some buffoon tried to come for me while I was sitting comfortably in my designated seat. He goes like ” that’s my seat, You’re sitting in my seat” In my head, I’m thinking like Excuse you! Why don’t you check your seat number well before you spit out nonsense, I went like ” excuse me, this is my seat!” Then I told him the seat number. But the buffalo kept arguing with me, to the extent of inviting the air hostess to check me but He ended up being the one that was checked. As his seat was in the middle row and I was at the window seat. I gave him a very nasty stare ( I was fuming really) He goes like “Oh I’m sorry” 🙄sir please, do me a big favor by shoving that apology up your ass. Thank you! But I didn’t say that of course, I just ignored him.

giphy (1)

Now I’m seated, put on a movie, slept in between the movie, woke up, had a cool convo with the person by me, food was served and I was beginning to feel a more easier comfortable vibe. At this point, I thought the drama was over! Being that I was beginning to relax at this point

But No! Trust Nigerians to always bring the drama. Now it’s time to pull the blinds down so passengers can have a relaxing sleep, Tell me Why! A man in front of me pulled the blind half way down, Ok! Cool. No one spoke a word.

Please tell me why again! This same man decided to call the air hostess to complain about the person seated in front of him. He claimed that the lady in front of him reclined her seat way too much and the seat is making him uncomfortable in his place, he then tells the air hostess to tell her to stop.

The lady then says she needs to sleep, so He should also recline his seat. He then goes like ” the problem is not with my back, it’s my knees that is affected”🙄 ok. Cool. The air hostess so nice and professional trying to please both passengers offered to find an empty seat for one of them to move.

TELL ME WHY?! They both refused to move, Miss lady reclined seat says ” I’m not going anywhere oo, he should go” (read in Nigerian unbothered accent please 😂) then he also goes like ” No, no! I’m not going anywhere! She’s the one disturbing me. She should go! This is my seat! I’m not going anywhere!” (Read in angry Nigerian accent😂)source

What the absolute fuck?! I couldn’t deal, I stayed laughing! Air hostess goes, comes back with news of an empty seat’s availability, that fell on deaf ears.

Now Mr knees being so frustrated, he couldn’t have his way yanked the window bind all the way up, disturbing the sleep of innocent passengers, saying ” if she won’t let me have peace, My window will be up then” Haa😂😂

Air hostess pleaded and wooed him to shut the window. No is no He wasn’t bulging. Then she left, few minutes later another flight attendant came and not knowing the backstory behind the opened window, proceeded to shut the window gently. Oh shit! Big mistake! He almost got slapped, as the man screamed at him and yanked the window back up again😂, stating the reasons why the window will remain open, no plead was enough. The flight attendant had no choice than to leave him and his precious window be.871

I couldn’t sleep a wink because of that though, such a petty old man. But anyways! No problem! The flight continued, my right knee was cramped up so bad. I just had to keep stretching and hoping to get to Lagos fast.

We finally arrived Lagos and everyone on the plane started applauding ( hmm, wait, what?😂😂) Why in the lord’s name, are you clapping? The pilot hasn’t even stopped yet and he can’t even hear y’all clapping from the cockpit. That was funny to me😂giphy

The plane stopped for a brief second, just a short moment. It hasn’t stopped yet! But tell me why!! The passengers are already up from their seats, seat belts off, already collecting their hand baggages. What the hell are you doing?😂 It hasn’t been announced yet that y’all can go. Stay seated, will you?! The flight attendants had to announce again that everyone should return back to their seats and fasten their seat belts. But did anyone listen? Of Course absolutely Not! They stood till the plane properly stopped. And then we all alighted into the blazing hot weather of Nigeria. I honestly wasn’t ready😂

At the end of the day, I love my country and the country people but Nigerians never disappoint me with the much needed drama everywhere haha. I’m glad to be back, let the fun begin (I guess😂)

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24 thoughts on “My Super Long Drama-Filled Flight To Nigeria || Airplane Stories

  1. Nice post
    Please check out my site

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    1. Thank you!
      Ofcourse I will check🙂


  2. 😂😂😂 Naijaball the way, they never disappoint. Anyways, welcome back. I enjoyed the write up, nice work and keep it up.

    Please do check out my write-ups and comment when you’re free, I just joined WordPress. I’d appreciate it, thanks.

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    1. Thank you! And ofcourse I’ll check out your page❤️

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  3. Lol. Nigerians always repping everywhere they land. So sorry for that old man’s pettiness. I enjoyed this so much and couldn’t stop smiling…. Great post!

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    1. Ha ha😃 Thank You so much💕💕

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  4. 😂😂😂

    Nigerians love drama….no be today e start 😁

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  5. LOL This story was hilarious!

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    1. Very! I couldn’t control my laughter on the plane😂

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  6. I also think it’s funny when people clap when the plane lands, that’s such an American/White thing to do lol

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    1. I know right😂

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  7. I was just in Kenya to see family and it took me 22 hours to get there, Seattle to Amsterdam then Amsterdam to Nairobi!

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    1. omg!! such a long flight… You must have been so tired afterwards😥

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yea, I got yesterday and I’m soooooooo jet lagged!

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      2. I can relate 🥺🥺🥺

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      3. Where do u live, how long is the time difference?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I live in Ukraine and its 2hours ahead of Nigeria

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      5. Oh, my step-grandma is Ukrainian! That’s nit too bad of a time difference

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      6. Oh wow! Ikr.. it’s not so bad, my brain won’t be so confused

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