A Day Out In Lagos With My Ma|| Vacation Stories

A day after I arrived home I decided to take a trip with my mother around Lagos, basically she had some errands to do so I just decided to tag along (I’m always following😂) because it will be fun to see Lagos in the daylight.

So we started this errand journey around 12 noon there about, left our crooked street and unto the main road. I could see children and teenagers returning back from school, that made me remember my days as a pupil in the primary school and a student in the high school. Oh! The good old day😁. But of course, you can’t be in Lagos without experiencing drama even if you mind your business😂

So, She’s driving, you know, we’re having a cool conversation and the vibe was great, until I look to my right just to see some driver in a rickety white bus winking at me😂. Hmm “brother, haven’t you seen a fine girl before?!” Haaa, Ok. Cool. You’re winking. It’s allowed, continue. I ignore him and just kept looking with my side eye.

Oh lord! Tell me why?! His friends in the bus with him brought out their heads and was smiling at me hahahaha it was funny. So my mom now is driving really fast by them but they kept coming back, just to be on the same line that we’re on, so both vehicles can be opposite each other. I really didn’t acknowledge them at all, now I wish I did. It would have been fun to see their reactions.

Finally! We managed to overtake them (goodbye eye harassers😂). First stop, we went to my dad’s office stayed a while then left, as She has other businesses to take care of.

After we’re left and finished business with three of her locations, we got to the fourth one, a supermarket and I had to tell my ma to buy me my favorite drink La casera Apple Drink. Actually I wanted two La casera and Viju Milk Drinks ( My Nigerians know the deal with these drinks😂). She said Okay. Cool.

Now I’m waiting in the car for her, in the process of waiting I decided to call my sister, we spoke awhile then it was goodbye from me because Calling in Nigeria ain’t free or cheap😫 As I was rounding up my call, A jeep pulled up close to the car and it was a man behind the wheel, so I looked, oh it’s an automobile. Ok. Whatever.

“Oh sir, you’re staring at me?!” Ok. Continue👍🏽, so there I was minding my business, feeling cute when Mr Jeep decided to come to my side of the window and put his hand inside ” hmm excuse me sir, are you trying to rob me?!🙄” I was like taken aback like, what does this elephant want from me haha.

He comes, pulls his little stunt and goes like ” you’re giving me something nau, I thought you were giving me something hahaha” he legit laughed. In my head I’m like “what’s all these naa, why me today😂?!” I looked at my hands and looked at him. I was holding my lipbalm, “oh You thought I was giving this to you sir?” Oh Not at all, be on your way. Thank you.

I was like ” oh No No No, I’m not😂” then He giggled again and walked away. He was most likely joking, but he took it too far and tried with the wrong one😂 ( I’m not your future sugar baby sir, oh you don’t even look that rich enough. Oh my mistake. Sorry😂)

Mom came with the La casera and everything became better, we continued our journey. I was snacking on bread and La casera ( it was a vibe for real). Then finally, we went to the market to buy some catfish because man gats eat some catfish pepper soup ( You know?!)

We got there, alighted and started our market journey. Bikes and wheel barrow pushers wouldn’t allow me rest. I was like what the fuck?! I should have stayed in the car!! ( but I was too uncomfortable to stay in the car alone in the market)catfish-3

We purchased the pepper soup spice easy, then we went in search of catfish. We found. We liked. We asked for price. Madam catfish said 5000 Naira for 4 catfishes. Ok. Cool. Let the bargaining begin😂 The following dialogue will be in pidgin English (please understand! It can NOT be written in proper English😂)

My mom started like ” Haa, it’s too much… can we bargain?!” Madam catfish was like ” yes nau, madam we no dey supermarket jare😂” ok o Let’s go there.

Ma said ” let’s do 3000 Naira” ( always start from the lowest my friends😂) Madam catfish was like ” madam no no no, if I give you for 4000 Naira sef, I just give you be that.. These fishes no be agric oo. I go farrrrrrrr place to go get am” Ma said “ok, make we do 3500 Naira”. Madam catfish said ” E no gree”

Ok. Cool. Ma starts walking away, madam catfish calls her back to come take it for 3600 Naira. Ma refuses. Starts to walk away again😂. Madam catfish pissed decided to start putting the fishes back in their place.

Ma looked and noticed this going on ask ” so, you won’t sell for me?!” Madam goes” No o, madam last price na 3600 Naira”. Ma consults me, after ignoring me for so long and asks ” should I buy them” of course. You should! It’s just 100 Naira difference omg!!. Don’t come between me and my catfish pepper soup ooo

Of course I didn’t say that😂 I just slightly nodded and that was how the catfishes were killed and given to us at 3600 Naira. I had to carry them of course😂 We bought some coconuts too and the errands were done. We zoomed off home afterwards.

I was just really glad to be back home in my air conditioned room to get some much needed sleep. Abeg somebody will not come and die in this Lagos😂

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7 thoughts on “A Day Out In Lagos With My Ma|| Vacation Stories

  1. Joy

    Beautiful write up..kudos to you👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Generally I don’t read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post.|


  3. 😂😂😂😂😂

    I really enjoyed reading this because I could relate with the stress of going out in Lagos sometimes, the people here aren’t smiling at all 😁

    Super beautiful pictures with Ma 😍 (now I see where your cuteness is from 👍) …plus, your outfit is fiiiiine too.

    Enjoy yourself and make more fun vacation memories.

    P.S* The N3,600 was for each catfish abi or do you mean that amount for 4 of them in this Lagos??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 😊
      Ooh, the 3600 was for the four catfishes o, or was that at give away price ni?😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhhh, best bargain price ooo….your Ma sabi price wella 👍👍

        Each catfish (big ones) cost up to 2k last in some areas, so it was a good price she got them for.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Abi naa.. she’s knows her people 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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