A Day In My Life || Summer Vacation Edition

Hello there! Welcome to a day in my life, where I will be choosing a single day of the week and sharing everything I do on this day with you guys. Just one day’s entire event. So what is a day in my life like on my current summer vacation?! Let’s get into the details😁giphy (2)

4:25AM, I woke up for no reason and I couldn’t go back to bed almost immediately, so I stayed on my phone, I stalked my Instagram timeline and caught up on posts I haven’t read yet on my WordPress reader. Then after a little while, I put down my phone, tossed and turned till I fell asleep😴 again.

6:00-7:00AM, My Ma came knocking on my door to wake up to observe my morning prayers but I didn’t wake up haha, I woke up eventually at 6:30AM, said my prayers quickly then off to the bathroom I went,  took my shower, got dressed and went downstairs at 7:30AM to have a little breakfast.


7:45-7:55AM, I left home at 7:45AM, so as to make my way to the clinic where I’m learning some new medical skills for the holidays, the clinic is about 20 minutes from my house with a car but I got there in 10 minutes with a fast bike🏍 😁MC_LOOP_03_PHYSICIAN_v1

8:00-9:30AM, I finally got to the hospital, I dropped my bags, greeted everyone present and joined the nurses for morning prayers. Afterwards, I put on my medical coat, took my stethoscope and followed the doctors and nurses on duty for the morning ward round observation, The doctors went to each patient’s bed and discuss his/her diagnoses amongst themselves, then asked the patient how he/she is feeling currently and decide if he/she is fit enough to be discharged that day or not. While going from one patient to another, I am asked some questions, which I answer but I am given some additional explanations in case I don’t answer to their satisfaction. I also asked them several questions too ( the doctors are really so cool). This continued till the end of the Ward Round.

9:30AM-4:00PM, After the ward rounds, the doctors and nurses headed back to their respective stations. The night shift doctor went home and the doctor on duty and I went into the medical consultation room. There out-patients come with their complaints with hopes of getting a solution from the doctors. I basically just stood and observed the process all day, also I got asked to measure the pulse and blood pressure of some of the patients which I did gladly. Other than that, I was just a shadow in the doctor’s office😆, occasionally, the doctor explained the patient’s cases to me and then he gave me some medical conditions to study, to be discussed some other day.

4:00-6:00PM, I said my goodbyes and I was on my way. After leaving the clinic, I walked some short distance to my sister’s shop, so as to just chill for a while, she bought me lunch and we spoke, laughed and joked for about 2 hours before I decided it was time for me to go home and get some rest.


6:00-7:00PM, I then said my goodbyes again, got on a fast bike 🏍 and zoomed off home, it took me just 10-12 minutes to get home. Once home I went upstairs, drop my bags, took off my makeup and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Afterwards, I cleansed my skin then went downstairs to have a drink, eat some snacks and just chill. I went to my room though, after a short while to get some alone time and nap.tenor (1)

8:00-10:00PM, I woke up from my nap at 8:00pm and then try to study some useful topics that have been given to me by the doctor to revise, also I read some blog posts also. Afterwards my dad returned from work, and I rushed off to welcome him and have a lengthy fun chat with him but my mom joined in the conversation too🙄😂 After the exchanged pleasantries, I was back in my room again to continue reading and Instagram stalking😁

tenor (2)

11:00PM, I fell asleep while reading some articles and topics at 11:00, I guess my evening nap wasn’t enough and I was just too tired to keep my eyes opened.

And that brings me to the end of these events that happened in a day in my life on my vacation, I shall be writing on events that happened on another day in my life on vacation soon, this time probably a day on the weekend. So wait on that!

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4 thoughts on “A Day In My Life || Summer Vacation Edition

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  3. Hey just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this post. Great idea 😊

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    1. Thank you so much💕

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