10 Skincare Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

Every Individual have unique skin types, with some skin types more prone to acne than others. I think I don’t need to say it out loud! As we all know the “lucky” groups are the oily and combination skin types. Yes! Dry skin types get acne too, but acne is mostly associated with oily and combination skin types.

Let’s talk about my skin type for a minute, I have a combination skin which is really acne prone whether its that “time of the month or not”. I tend to get random pimple pop ups every now and then. which is honestly annoying and frustrating. So I tend to always research and read on tips and tricks on how to improve the look of my skin (all about that glow! baby!). So today, I will like to share some useful skincare tips specifically for my ladies (and guys) with acne prone skin.

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  • WASH OUT YOUR FACE REGULARLY AND GENTLY, Always ensure to rinse out your face twice a day (in the morning and night at most) with gentle cleansing facial gels and facial cleansers. I prefer to use facial gels though because it leaves my face moisturized after the wash, but this is just my preference. You should avoid any kind of soap that will irritate or dry out your skin. And always make sure to take showers after any sweaty outings.


  • USE OIL FREE MOISTURIZERS, If you have to use any kind of moisturizer, always make sure to check its components and be absolutely sure it’s oil-free, as oil based moisturizers can clog your pores. I actually only moisturize my face in the winter and spring months, don’t get me wrong! I don’t walk around the other months bare faced. No! In the summer months because of the hot conditions, I tend to finish my skincare routine with a facial cleanser.This is because in the summer months using a moisturizer makes me sweat on my face a lot. So ditching this step, works great for me.

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  • USE OIL FREE MAKE UP PRODUCTS, Make absolutely sure that your foundation, concealer and other liquid base makeup products are oil- free, as oil based makeup can clog up your pores and this can cause a flare up of acne on your face (acne battleground haha).

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  • DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE, Try to always keep your hands off your face, remember your hands are always busy touching this and touching that throughout the day and in the process your hands come in contact with germs and surely, you won’t want to transfer those germs to your face, would you now? if you must touch your face at all, wash your hands thoroughly first. Also, don’t pick at your pimple to avoid scarring and black spots (I wish I obeyed this rule in the past).

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  • RESEARCH SKINCARE PRODUCTS BEFORE PURCHASING, Always make sure to read up adequately on products before going shopping, make sure products are compatible with your skin type (dry, oily and combination), read and watch reviews about products from people with similar skin types. This is just to avoid buying products that might tragically irritate your skin and you’ll end up throwing it out (money wasted).

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  • GET YOU A SUNSCREEN, In the summer month, sunscreens are very important, as over exposure can actually cause an acne breakout, so make sure to always stay protected.


  • EAT RIGHT, Well its a know fact that having a healthy skin is an inside out process, so watch what you eat. Ingest less dairy and greasy food products and eat more fruits and vegetables. As these are good for your complete well being and for the health of your skin.

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  • BEWARE OF YOUR HAIR PRODUCTS, Always be careful of what you put in your hair, as some hair products like pomades, fragrance products, oils and so on can clog your pores and can cause you to breakout on your forehead, neck or back.


  • REGULARLY CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASES, Quick replacing of your pillowcases can help you avoid acne flare ups, at least change pillowcases once or twice a week. but what as pillowcases got to do with acne? A lot! as unchanged pillowcases tend to build up germs and bacteria from the rubbing and rolling of your head and hair on the pillow and if that! constantly touch your face acne can angrily flare up on you.


  • DRINK WATER, Drinking enough water daily, at least 8 glasses per day is also great for your overall health and also very beneficial to your skin. Drink more water and mind your own business.

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  1. For someone who suffers with breakouts it’s a great post. Thank you hun xx

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    1. You’re welcome babe💕
      Thanks for reading💕💕

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