Don’t Do It: My Top 30 Biggest Pet Peeves

I’m naturally an easy going person, I don’t like to annoy nobody and I don’t like to be annoyed either, But there are some things that drive me absolutely crazy when it gets done to me, they’re just so annoying I can’t stomach it.

Today, I have compiled a list of my biggest pet peeves which I absolutely find very annoying. So, if you’re my friend and you’re reading this. Please check yourself😂


  • Replying my long ass message that I put my soul and body to write out with a simple “K”. Like What?! How can you do me like that? so rude and inconsiderate
  • Scratching nails or chalk on a hard surface like on a chalkboard most especially, I cringe so hard.. Like oh no! don’t do that.
  • Scratching spoons loudly on ceramic plates while eating
  • Chewing loudly with your mouth open.. eeew!
  • Calling the name of someone close to me multiple time before I get an answer, all because they’re texting or watching TV or something. Also, when they’re not paying attention to whatever I’m saying (like wtf?!)tenor (13)
  • Shouting way too close to my ears, like move some miles back. You’re beginning to irritate me
  • Unnecessarily staring at me for far too long, Hmmm what the hell are you looking at?
  • Pee on the toilet seat, this gets me so mad all the time. Like Can you lift up the seat before using or clean the seat afterwards? Christ!
  • A dirty house, like who really does live here? A pig?!
  • Touching or taking my stuff without my permission, like are you trying to steal from me?


  • Long unending conversations, I just literally zone out to my happy place😂
  • Nosy people that find it so difficult to mind their business. Like back off, would you?
  • Attention seekers that desperately crave for constant attention
  • Rude people
  • Lack of respect for my opinions, like you don’t have to love me but you will respect me
  • Underestimating me and my abilities, thinking oh she’s so young, what can she do? I can do a lot motherfucker!

giphy (25)

  •  Being constantly interrupted when I’m trying to speak, like excuse me?! Can you shut the F up and stop interrupting me🙄
  • Annoying bossy co-workers, like why do you think you’re superior? you’re employed just like me. You’re not the boss, shut up!
  • Multiple YouTube ads
  • People that think they’re always right, even when they not. They listen to no one and refuse all useful corrections
  • Traffic jam when I have an important appointment I’m rushing off to. Like nooo! Not today.


  • Extremely slow internet connections
  • Couples expressing cringy PDAs. Get a room, you’re doing absolutely too much lovebirds.
  • Bloggers and Instagram users that post contents excessively and continuously in one day, thereby preventing me from seeing other more important posts. Like, I’m about to freaking un-follow you, if you don’t stop!
  • People that stop suddenly while walking with no warning causing me to almost bump into them, like why are you so confused though?!
  • Rude children that point their fingers at strangers. Like, didn’t your mommy teach you anything?!

giphy (26)

  • Super curious people that wouldn’t stop asking questions on a particular topic, even after thorough explanation. They just won’t stop
  • Touching my hair without permission. Rude!
  • Leaving me on “read” on an ongoing conversation, completely ignore me then later texting me back like 2 weeks later to continue that conversation all because maybe you’re so bored and you need company, excuse you? what are you talking about? I moved on from that convo and from talking to You! Asswipe!
  • Men that thinks every girl will want them, all because maybe they have some spare cash to throw around. Hmm, No. Fuck you!

giphy (27)

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Do It: My Top 30 Biggest Pet Peeves

  1. Some of these made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha)) Thanks for reading💕


  2. AMEN!!! SAY IT ALL AGAIN FOR THOSE IN THE BAG! *screamed, but from far away*.
    No, really. I agree with ALL of these oh my goodness!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha😆
      I Know Right! So freaking annoying.
      I can’t literally stand them either!!


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