6 Practical Ways To Get Through Tough Times In Your Relationship

Relationships has its ups and downs it not always roses and chocolates, sometimes you bicker, have serious quarrels, throw around careless words and argue over the most stupid irrelevant things. But let’s face it! In a committed relationship, these issues are bound to happen just for the simple reason that no relationship is 100% perfect. Now! these issues (as big as they might be) don’t matter, but rather what really matters, is how you and your significant other fight through these tough times as a team, in my opinion these tough times are the make or break of relationships. Lots of couples have gone their separate ways because they saw no point trying to make it work. But all relationship issues are fixable if you try, well except cheating (cheating should not be tolerated).

And After being in a loving and amazing relationship for almost two years now, I have learnt that tough times never last only tough couples do, couples that set aside their ego and humbly join hands together to make it work.

Today I will like to share with you, some practical ways in which you can survive your relationship during hard times.


  • TALK IT OUT, Communicating in a relationship is like oxygen, without it the union dies! So communication is very important in all aspects of a relationship, especially when you’re having an issue always remember to talk to each other about your feelings. Trash out the issues causing strain in your relationship and settle them gracefully. So! Instead of holding grudges or intensely ignoring your partner, just talk about whatever is bothering you. As holding grudges only makes the situation worse and the issue will be dragged on for far too long.
  • DO FORGIVE, Having a forgiving heart in a relationship is very necessary, why? Because in a union, partners tend to always get on each other’s last nerve and the only way to move past it each time and not dwell on the offences is to simply forgive truly. Forgive! not only for your significant other but for yourself too, save yourself from the emotional stress of thinking about that quarrel over and over again. Being resentful towards your SO is unhealthy for your relationship and very distracting. When your mind isn’t settled and happy, it affects your day to day functionality. So let go and forgive.


  • BE PATIENT, Patience is a virtue that is definitely needed in every relationships, be slow to speak or react every time. Be you start up a quarrel or an argument with your SO, patiently listen to what they have to say first about the issue, don’t be so eager to start up a scuffle, don’t be so super hot-tempered! Relationships work better with a lot of patience.


  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, Always admit to your faults! and apologize sincerely. Taking responsibilities for your wrongs and accepting corrections strengthens your relationship. Do not get defensive or try to prove a point when you’re wrong, No! That doesn’t display maturity in a relationship.


  • BE SUPPORTIVE, Couples should always support each other through hard times, Being there for your partner in good and especially bad times in a committed relationship is very commendable and it strengthens your relationship even more.


  • REKINDLE YOUR OLD LOVE, In a long-term committed relationship couples sometimes fall out of love or become too busy to work on their love. Different factors can cause this, it could be due to children, career pursuit, taking care of the family or  working to pay bills. It’s time to stop stressing and work on your relationship. Take a vacation together, go on dates together, get each other significant gift items, Kiss and touch each other affectionately, remind yourselves why you fell in love in the beginning. All these can help bring back the positive energy in your relationship.

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4 thoughts on “6 Practical Ways To Get Through Tough Times In Your Relationship

  1. Yes! It’s a tricky one! Having that discernment to be able to recognize if it’s done intentionally or if it’s a pattern of behavior that may warrant therapy. And also recognizing if that person is serious about their own healing or just want to continue to be toxic. I’m following your blog btw! You have a lot of wisdom for just 2 years into your union. And that’s way more than I had at that time! I didn’t learn until like year 8! Lol! So thank you for your words of encouragement and inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much and you’re very welcome 💕💕🙂


  2. I’m 9 years in and I definitely resonated with this post! I love all of these tips! I always said that cheating wouldn’t be tolerated as well. But, I have learned to get through this on both sides of the partnership. Each union is unique. My partner and I were separated for more than a year due to our military obligation. I think it’s important to access the spirit of the person you fell in love with. And if honesty, integrity, and deeper healing takes place to address maybe some childhood traumas that contributed to that infidelity, this can be resolved in a loving union. Male or female, we all have the tendency to stray if we are presented with certain obstacles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a huge food for thought and I agree with your point of view as well. I think this is also the reason why forgiveness is very essential in a union so as to be able to work through times like that.
      I appreciate your thoughtful comment💕

      Liked by 1 person

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